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Want to fill in our pool

June 2012

We have moved into a house with a pool which needs a considerable amount of repair work done. Since it takes up most of the (small) backyard, we'd like to fill it in. So far we've received several quotes from companies that specialize in pool removal, but all of the quotes have been for more money than we have right now. Putting off the work isn't an option since we have a very active toddler who loves the water. We'd like to explore other options-- possibly renting the equipment and doing it ourselves, recommendations for independent contractors who can work with our budget or ??? BPNers always have creative solutions so thank you in advance!

Our rental house had a pool that the landlord filled in using a hired work crew of three men who worked about three days on it. An interesting process! The water was slowly drained. Once the cement bowl was empty, they punched lots and lots of big holes in it with jackhammers. When they were done, it looked almost like peanut brittle at the bottom of the former pool. Next, they brought in big chucks of waste rocks and cement. It reminded me of how you put pebbles in before the soil when you pot a plant to be sure there will be good drainage. They used a bobcat mini-tractor to haul the rubble in from a dump truck. (To get the dozer in, they had to disconnect our air conditioning unit and lift it out of the way.) Fill dirt and smaller rocks went in next. As they filled, they used smaller and smaller pieces until finally they were just using dirt. They used gas-powered heavy-duty handheld tampers for the final smoothing. My two cents is that if you are going to do it yourself, get a lot of information and rent some heavy duty equipment. I think if you do it wrong you can create poor drainage in your yard that could lead to serious erosion problems that might not be evident until part of the yard collapses. And it is surprisingly labor intensive. Best of luck! Maybe a good fence would be cheaper? --Pool No More

Need a Contractor to Remove an Inground Pool

July 2011

We are buying a house in El Cerrito that has an old inground swimming pool. After getting a few heart stopping quotes at the cost of fixing the pool to where we could actually swim in it and keep it safe for our 2.5 year old son, we've decided we are just going to fill it in. Has anyone done this? I would love a recommendation for a contractor but I'd also like to hear of other's experiences with this and any pitfalls to avoid. Thanks so much! Lara

We had an old pool with problems and also opted for a removal last fall. We used Dig and Demo of Walnut Creek. Ryan Crownholm, one of the owners, came out to do the work. Professional, competent, great with our family, respectful of our property, on-budget, and on-time. They will give you a long list of references. After calling about 6 people and hearing rave reviews, we went for it and are so pleased with their work. www.diganddemo.com Lisa

Pool maintenance recommendation needed

April 2011

Hi, I am seeking someone for regular pool maintenance and having difficulty finding a good recommendation; does anyone out there have a pool service they like that's reliable (and hopefully affordable) ? We're in the hills on the Berkeley/Oakland dividing line. Thanks! In need of pool help

John Gilardi of Nor-Cal Pools is an excellent pool servicer. He has been taking care of our pool in Orinda for over a year. John is reliable, honest, and skilled at pool maintenance and repair, keeping the pool in top condition. John spends the time to do a good job, not the quick in-and-out of the previous pool guys we've tried over the years. Nor-Cal Pools is a small, local business. Contact info: (925) 956-8170; nor- calpools [at] sbcglobal.net; www.nor-calpoolservice.com. Happy Swimmer

Pool Leak Detection and Repair Service

Sept 2008

We recently moved into a house with a swimming pool, but it keeps losing water. I suspect that there is a leak somewhere in between the spa and the pool. We would like to have a professional come over to take a look at it and make a proper repair. Do you know any good professional, who can detect the leak? We found several names from internet, but I do not know their reputations. Here are the companies I found. InDepth Pool & Spa Leak Detection, serving all the bay area Precision Leak Detection in Antioc If you know any other companies which does both leak detection and repair excellently, please let me know. Mika

We have used In Depth twice for pool problems and would highly recommend them. They are very competent, professional and personable. We haven't used the Antioch company you mentioned, so I can't comment about them. Pleased Pool Owners

Pool service in Oakland

June 2007

We are looking for a reliable, good pool service company with experience with a salt water chlorine generator system. Our current pool service company has delivered somewhat spotty service for the past year, and I'm hoping we can find a better one. We live in Oakland. Any recommendations would be most appreciated!

I would love to know who you were using. We have been looking for a pool service as well. I have recently attempted to set up a service visit with J services. I put in at least 6 calls to them, asking for an appointment and leaving my name and #. I was told each time that the local rep has my info and would contact me shortly. It has been a month since the first try! I am glad that they never returned my call-I would imagine that their services would continue to stink! On a further note, my husband asked the owner of our pool supply store for a recommendation of a pool service. He frowned and said that the majority are not to be trusted. They sometimes go as far as breaking some things and then charging for replacements! So I'm not sure where to go from here?! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Good Luck! pool owner in Berkeley

Need to renovate my pool in Orinda

Sept 2006

I need to renovate my pool, located in Orinda. We plan to resurface, re-tile, add a bench - and possibly shallow out the deep end. If you have worked with an excellent pool contractor, I'd so appreciate the recommendation. Thank you!

We completely refurbished our pool in Moraga last year. We used Superior Pool and Spa Service. They were great. We had the pool drained, replastered, retiled, added a mosaic, and had new coping put in around the edge. Their number: 925-706-9220

Pool maintenance

Oct 2004

I have had the worst luck with finding a reliable swimming pool service. I have a swimming pool at my house and desperately need a recommendation for weekly service. Someone to check the chemical levels, sweep and clean the pool, check the equipment and provide general maintenance. The pool service I have had rarely shows up, never returns calls and is extremely difficult to reach. I'm desperate. With so many homes in the Bay Area with pools and apartments and condos with pools does anyone know of a reliable service? I greatly appreciate a recommendation. Thank you. Dennis

We have used Hercules Pool Care for the last 10 years, and have been very pleased with the work. Tracy is honest, punctual, reasonable, and does a great job maintaining both pool and spa. He has done a better job than any of the previous companies we used. He can be reached at 510-410- 7273. kelly