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Piano mover Castro Valley to Albany

July 2014

Hi. I'm looking for piano movers to go from Castro Valley to Albany. Anyone know someone(s) who won't break the bank (or the piano)? Thanks. Betty

I have used McCrea's AA Piano Moving (http://www.mcpianomove.com/) twice and they are superb. Lots of care taken, able to maneuver in tight spaces and over rough surfaces (the second move took my piano down a narrow driveway, over a stone patio, down stone steps, and across stepping stones to the studio). They are efficient and reasonably priced. Jody L

Moving piano from L.A. to Bay Area

April 2013

My mom, who lives in Pasadena, has an almost-brand new upright piano that she'd like to pass onto us. I tried contacting a couple piano moving companies but haven't gotten any replies yet. We are in walnut creek, so it's a bit of a trek for local companies. Has anyone had a piano delivered from l.a. to the bay area recently? Approximately how much will it cost? Thanks! piano lover

I recommend Statewide Moving & Storage (415) 564-8585. The owner, Kieran Clifford, used to move pianos for my dad, a piano refinisher. He has been in the business for over 20 years. Nina

We used Northstar moving about 4 years for a major move (including piano) from LA to Walnut Creek. They are not specifically piano movers, but they did a fine job. It is recommended you have your piano tuned/adjusted a few weeks after moving.

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Transbay piano move

April 2007

I am looking for a reliable and professional piano mover willing to move an upright piano from Menlo Park to Kensington. I have called some local movers, such as McCrea's, and some nationwide movers, such as Modern Piano Moving, but the local movers say they don't move anything out of their specific area (i.e. Menlo Park), and the long-distance movers say the move is too local. Can anyone recommend an expert local or regional mover (on either side of the bay) willing to cross the bay to do a simple move of an upright from the peninsula to the east bay? Thank you. Tricia

We recently had our piano moved from Arizona to the east bay and we were very happy with the person who did the move. His name is Kelly Mayfield and his company is called A Sharp Piano Movers. His number is 877-97-PIANO or 714-891-1808. We found him by accident while shopping at Piedmont Pianos. He was moving some pianos for them and we felt that if the store used him he must be good. Kelly's business card says ''local and nation wide'' so he would probably do what you are asking. anon

McCrea's AA Piano Moving

June 2006

We have an old upright piano that we would like to get rid of. The piano hasn't been tuned in decades and is probably worth about $400. We would give it away, though we are concerned about the move because moving the piano would involve about 10 stairs and our driveway is an old wooden bridge. Does anyone have any recommendations for movers, know of an entity that might be interested in the piano (that is bonded and/or insured), or have any other suggestions? Thanks! hanniemay

McCrea's Piano Moving, http://www.mcpianomove.com/  Very professional and they could easily maneuver the steps and bridge 

Moving a piano 3 hilly blocks

April 2002

I'm planning to move to the new house next month and looking for a reasonably priced and responsible moving crew. I live in Albany and the new house is located about three hilly blocks from the house I live now. We have a piano and many books. Thank you for the advice in advance! young

Delancey Street moved our piano (and everything else) last August. We were going to hire a piano mover, but Delancey Street persuaded us to let them do it. The movers maneuvered it expertly and carefully through the tight spots and down stairs in our old house and up stairs into our new house. Not a scratch. Robin


July 1999

I used McCrea's Piano Moving last fall and they were very competent and professional. I understand they do the moving for the Dept. of Music here on campus, a much higher recommendation. http://www.mcpianomove.com/ -- Dianna

April 1999

AA Piano Moving, Oakland  I got the recommendation from Piedmont Piano and they've moved my piano twice. Very professional. -- Ginger

April 1999

For piano moving and storage I can highly recommend my husband Greg McCrea's company, McCrea's AA Piano Moving in Oakland. The family owned and operated business has been working mostly in the east bay for over 30 years. You can find his ad in the Yellow Pages under piano moving. website: http://www.mcpianomove.com/. -- Linda

April 1999

piano movers, I have used AA Piano Moving 3 times and they are very professional, and incredibly graceful! Part of the fun of AA movers is watching the way they work together - it's like getting exclusive front-row seats for a ballet that is based entirely on you, your piano, and the tight twists and turns of your old and new house! Now that Evelyn Cisneros is retiring, they're my pick for best value for your dance dollar! Also, they do not make you help! I don't understand why anyone would want to risk their piano and their health with utterly inexperienced movers - that is, themselves. Even in the most capable hands, piano moving still involves risks, and you don't want to be caught trying to prop up a slipping piano. -- Dan

April 1999

I enthusiasticly recommend Exclusive Piano & furniture movers, (415) 589-5123. They were recommended to me by a piano shop in Palo ALto and they performed an extraordinary feat of moving a baby grand up a narrow staircase and around hairpin turns without making a scratch on either the piano or the walls. It was amazing to watch it--the piano on its side with 3 men gradually inching it around a difficult bend. It cost $175 last year to move it from Palo Alto to a Berkeley. -- Xanthippe (4/99)

April 1999

Ed Gong in Berkeley (Music Mover-tel: 524 7861) has moved pianos for me 4 times. He is amazing! -- Gemma

April 1999

I would like to second the recommendation for Ed Gong (524-7861). Not only is very competent, but he does the job alone! His display of the wonders of balance & leverage is worth his very reasonable price by itself, and is something you and your kids will never forget. You have to be there to occasionally steady the piano while he changes position, but you needn't be strong to do this as he's always got it perfectly balanced anyway. On top of all that, I think he's into his seventies by now, but with a physique that's the envy of my teenage son. Ed is not to be missed. We've used him three times. -- Patrick (

April 1999

I second the recommendation for Ed Gong as a piano mover. I've used him for many years. He arrives with a little pickup truck and an amazing stair contraption, and uses brains and leverage to move these amazingly heavy and awkward objects. He's goofy as heck, and he chats a mile a minute (he says he once owned 300 pianos!), but always manages to get the piano where it needs to go. -- Nicole

April 1999

I strongly suggest that you call the folks at Piedmont Piano Co. (547-8188) to get a recommendation for a piano mover and storage. I have had the tragic experience of having my piano ruined as the result of incorrect storage, even though I had it moved and stored by piano specialists. Piedmont is a highly reputable business and I know you could trust their recommendation. -- Rachel