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Thinking about installing a living roof

May 2014

Our eichler-style house needs a new roof and I'm curious about a living roof. Our roof is flat so it seems like it maybe a good fit. Besides the obvious environmental benefits, our backyard is a steep up slope, and someday if we have the money we'd like to tier it, and it would be fabulous to look down on grass/plantings instead of an obvious roof.

Anyone have experience with a living roof they can share? And recommendations/warnings about particular vendors/contractors that can install a living roof? dreamingofagreenroof

We installed a living roof of sedums on a steeply sloped garage in Berkeley. We love it and our neighbors seem to love it too. The city doesn't have a lot of experience with residential living roofs it seems so be prepared to be patient. We had to reinforce our garage walls to handle the weight. We used a system called Hydrotech and Siteworks (a Berkeley company installed it. Both did a great job. Good luck! Jennifer