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Does anyone know where one can get knives sharpened professionally in Oakland? Thanks mucho.

Try calling Sur la Table in Berkeley. ~They're rumored to be on the verge of providing this service. ~Also, Berkeley Bowl may still have a knife sharpener on their premises once/week. ~ You can also call Hida Tools on San Pablo in Berkeley since they sell tools that require sharpening and may be able to guide you.

there used to be someone who sharpened knifes on weekends at the old berkeley bowl, probbaly still does this at the new berkeley bowl. he was not working FOR BB, but just had an arrangement to use their space. call them -probably the bucher shop-at number in phone book Sara

Try The Knife Shop. Anthony Fenner sharpens the knives of a lot of the best restaurants in town, and his prices are quite reasonable. He's in Temescal. Phone 450-0462 Dashka


After cleaning my knives in the dishwasher for many years, the wooden handles have lost their sheen and some are splintery and nearly falling off of the metal grommets attaching them to the blade. Is it possible to have new handles attached to these good quality knives? Where might I look for such services? Jennifer

Call the manufacturer; they may be able to repair it or even send you a new one! A store which carries the brand of your knife may be able to give you a contact number. N

Try calling: Shaver Shop 2134 Broadway Oakland, CA (510) 444-1325
I've had them work on my clippers, but I've also seen them work on knives, etc. BergaHoo Family