Gas Line Installation

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Who should I call to put a gas stove in?

Sept. 2002

This is perhaps a silly question, but I can't figure out who to call to have a gas stove put in. We currently have an electric stove, but our water heater is gas powered, so we need to find someone to run the line to the kitchen. Will a place that sells me the stove (like Sears or Home Depot) do this or do I need to call someone specific or can I call any handyman? If someone has had this done, is it very expensive? and do you recommend anyone specifically or have warnings about someone else? Thanks very much! Shahana

Plumbers usually install gas lines. Our plumber moved the gas line and shut off valve for our stove. You need to have the gas line installed before your new stove is delivered. Our plumber is Albert Nahman: 843-6904, and we've been happy with their work. Karen
Feb 2000

Our old electric oven finally died, and I'd really like to replace it with a gas oven. Does anyone know what type of professional to contact in a situation like this? For some reason I keep thinking I need a plumber to run a gas line up from the basement, but I have no idea if that's right. Also, I don't know any plumbers! Someone please clue me in. Thanks!

What you need is someone who can install a gas line. This can be done by a plumber or by someone who does general handy-work and is experiensed with gas lines. It is a simple job. I don't know what city you are in but most likely your city requires a permit for gas line work. You can call your city building department to ask the process and the cost. If you get a city permit they will send an inspector out to look at the job and make sure it was done correctly -- and to current code. Depending on the last time gas lines were worked on, you might have 1/2 or 3/4 lines. The cost of the job will depend on how far they have to take the line and how difficult the access it (time=money). Bottom line: as far as skill required this is a plumbing 101 type of job.