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2008 - 2013 Recommendations

Jan 2009

We're looking for firewood for our fireplace - any suggestions for how to locate firewood, ideally free or definitely cheap, which we will come pick up? Thanks!

I just purchased a 1/2 a cord of firewood last week for $150 from 'Craig' that I found on Craigslist. The craigslist posting said the wood was well seasoned, but we have had a devil of a time getting the logs to burn. At least the price was right. Hopefully you'll have better luck.
Last month I ordered wood from Bear Bottom Farms (you can find them with a google search). I was very happy with the whole process--ordering through delivery. They divided a half cord between two houses for a nominal extra charge. I've had two fires already, and the wood burns clean and slowly. Remember there are spare the air days now when we can't burn fires--so don't buy too much wood! warm and toasty
We've been getting our firewood from Gary Kostich (sp?)since 2003. He can be reached at 925-683-7121. Good firewood, mostly oak. You can tell wood is ready to burn by hitting two logs together. They should make a hollow sound rather solid. Gary hasn't let us down yet. He's prompt, reliable, and gives a discount if you pay in cash. happy customer

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

June 2007

We live in Berkeley and need to buy firewood for the first time. We would love to know which source you use for best price and quality.

I have a suggestion: use a combination of acacia (free) and also buy oak (expensive). We've done this for years. The acacia burns hot and quick and the oak takes over from there. Come and pick up some free acacia--we've just done a major harvest and it is in short lengths and ready to haul. Katherine
We love using our fireplace and do use it a lot, yet we never had to pay for firewood. Just check craigslist and you'll get enough offers of free firewood. There's so much offered that we (picky!) only get already pre-cut to a fireplace size, and only from our general neighborhood, and still have enough year after year after year. Maria
Dec 2005

Can anyone recommend a provider of firewood? I only need about 1/2 a cord, and naturally prefer it small, dry, and delivered. colleen

I've used Fessenden Firewood out of Richmond a few times for wood. They deliver cut, dry wood. I've had a half cord delivered before. Depending upon their inventory, they'll have oak, almond and cedar. I usually get mostly oak or almond with a little bit of cedar, which burns easily and is good for getting the oak or almond going.

They have a ''regular'' split and a ''small'' split. I've always gotten the regular split, but next time I'm getting the small split. Some of the regular pieces are pretty darn big and I've had to split about half of the last delivery so it will actually burn in my fireplace.

Fessenden Firewood 686 South 30th St Richmond, CA 94804 510/ 236-4789

2003 & Earlier


Can anyone recommend a good source/supplier of firewood? (Almond/oak preferred- no pine) Thanks! Sandra

I have purchased firewood from Fessenden Firewood in Richmond for years. They deliver and will stack if you want to pay extra for it. You can also go to their yard and get the wood yourself if you have a pickup. I usually buy my wood from them in the summer as it's cheaper, but it is available year round. Their number is 236-4789. - Nancy
We go to Bear Bottom Farms in Richmond for firewood. They also deliver for $25 more. They handle almond, oak, walnut, cherry, etc. Their number is 237-2624. Kimberly