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  • Fine carpet repair: recommendations?

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    We have three persian carpets that need repair. In the past we took them to Emmet Eiland, but they are closing. Can anyone recommend another fine carpet repair service?

    Hi, we use Tulanian on College Avenue in Berkeley. I don't know how expensive they are because I've never gone anywhere else, but I take them my carpets to be cleaned and have had one Oriental rug repaired there as well. They did a good job in a timely manner.

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Repair for woven wool rug

Jan 2006

Can anyone recommend someone to repair woven wool rugs? I called several rug cleaners, but they all just recommend themselves. Does anyone have experience with anyone in particular? Thanks! Coming Unraveled

In answer to the person looking for someone to repair woven woolen rugs, I had good experiences with Imperial Rug Cleaning on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley. Their number is 526-5664. They fixed the binding around one rug of mine, and did such a good job that I had them repair a Persian rug of mine that had holes in it and needed the edges rebound. I had been afraid to have this handmade rug worked on, but trusted them after I saw their work. Bridget

Repairing fringes on large area rug

June 2005

We have a large wool area rug with fringes along the edges that have torn and frayed, and want to have it repaired. Can anyone recommend a responsible and reasonably-priced place to take it for repair? Thanks! Bridget

For rug repair go to or phone Norge Cleaners in Albany. (Across from the El Cerrito Plaza on San Pablo.) I use them for dry and wet cleaning. But I know that Norge does all kinds of repairs and restoration. As well as cleaning and alternations. They do good work and have good service as well. Norge Cleaners 510-526-3850. karen

Hooked rug repair

August 2003

Anyone know where I could get a small hooked cotton throw rug repaired? The kind with the yarn/cotton loops that come up and go back through a canvas backing. I've tried several rug repair places and they either say they don't do that kind of work or it seems like the job is too small for them. Thanks!

Hi. You should call Harvey Clars about this. They have the inside scoop on all things antique rug related. If they don't know, they probably know someone that does know. Their phone number is 428-0100. beth