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2008 - 2013 Recommendations

Want to keep old bathtub - reglaze?

Feb 2011

We are redoing our bathroom and want to keep the original (1940's) tub. It has one small chip and some scratches. Can anyone recommend a quality reglazer/ refinisher? Also, anything to watch out for or note? thx! tub novice

Sorry I don't have a recommendation for you. We used Miracle Method to refinish our bathtub. The customer service was nice and it looked good when they left, but I am not at all pleased with the durability. It was peeling within months. I eventually called to express my dissatisfaction and they sent a crew out to take a look. They put another coat on that helped, but now that one is starting to peel, too. From a distance it looks fine, but up close you can see that it is peeling around the edges. We only have one bathroom so our tub is used daily, but we do take care not to abuse it. I have not been pleased with this purchase. Can't recommend Miracle Method

Bathtub - Replace or ''reface''?

March 2009

Does anyone have experience with ''re-facing'' a bathtub? Ours is rather old / dingy, and we've heard that there is some kind of re-facing (capping?) that can be done, which turns out to be more cost-effective than a whole new bathtub. Anyone have theirs done? How much was it, and who did it? Would you recommend it? How did the price compare to a replacement? Thanks. Tub needs a re-do

No I do not think it is worth getting your tub refinished. Ours got scratched immediately and it has only gotten worse. My sister had the same problem when she had hers refinished. I think it pays to get a new tub; you might be happier in the long run.
Definitely reface the tub if you can. We have had it done a couple of times in apartment units that we own and it is both much less expensive than getting a new tub and your tub will end up looking brand new. It is amazing! Call Bruce Pullen at 510-304-2100. It is a two-day process and then you can use the tub a day or so later. I can't remember exactly how much it cost, but it was very reasonable. Laurel
We had a good experience with refacing the original tub in our 1930's home last November. Our toddler and dogs are regularly bathed in the tub (not at the same time of course), and we haven't had any problems with scratches or scuffs. The worker also cleaned out the drain hole and overflow valve so that they no longer have brown water stains, and caulked around the perimeter. I've heard that the quality of the job depends on the company that's doing the work (even if they use the same method as another company). We used and the whole process cost just under $600. Anon

Anyone resurfaced their tub recently?

Nov 2008

We're considering getting our old tub resurfaced before the holiday guests arrive. Has anyone had experience with resurfacing your tub? Their were some old posts in the archives and I was wondering if places like still do a decent job? We only need it to last for five years or so until we can save enough to do a proper remodel of the bathroom. Thanks in advance. George

I had my 1955 ''peachy'' beige tub refinished to white by Miracle Method East Bay 2 months ago and they did a great job. The refinish looks like new and they cleaned up and recaulked beautifully. Very satisfied. Barry K
I had my tub resurfaced a year ago by Bay Area Coatings and was very pleased with the results. My tub had rust stains and worn enamel in places, and the resurfacing was almost like getting a new tub. I would leave the house for a couple days if you can because it smells toxic but dissipates eventually. It's a great inexpensive solution for those of us that can't afford a bathroom remodel! happy customer

Bathtub resurfacing &/or using Miracle Method?

August 2008

We are replacing our bathroom floor and are trying to decide what to do with our original 1922 tub which is stained in the bottom. We love the size and design of the tub (it is nice and deep like a claw foot) and haven't see anything available to purchase which comes close (did check used tubs at Omega and they have some close but not in perfect shape). So, to save us from this dilemma (and the cost of having to retile right now) we are thinking of resurfacing the tub. We have heard mixed things about Miracle Method and would love to hear other reviews about them and or other products or companies you have used. How long does it last and how durable? I appreciate any advice and experience you are able to share. Kristin

We had Miracle Method resurface our bathtub and tile in the shower enclosure 2 years ago. I have not been happy with the durability. It already has several chips, especially around the drains and in the corners. The entire area looks better than it did before it was treated, but for $1100 I would have expected it to last longer. I keep meaning to go look up my warranty information and am happy to have this forum to voice my displeasure! Not a satisfied customer

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Refinishing an old tub

May 2007

Any recommendations on methods and referrals for refinishing an old tub? Our appears to be the original with the house (1939). The interior has become rough and dingy, but otherwise it is a great tub. I've looked at BPN archives, but the posts were several years old. I've heard that the finish can chip easily -- is this still the case? anon

In 04 we had our horrible tub refinished by Miracle Method (925) 685 4411 ( It cost just under $500 at that time but it was worth it to get a tub that looked like new. We were very happy with the results and it's holding up well 3 years later. It has got a couple of really small chips where we have dropped things in it in that time. The process itself smells really awful but I'm guessing that would be true of any refinishing. Just a warning to keep young ones away especially. refinished tub owner
ours was refinished 4 years ago, before we bought our house (so don't know which company did it, etc.)and while it looked gorgeous when we bought the house one year later it had several chips and 3 years later, major chips and huge peeling areas. we use the tub 3-4 times a week. Certainly it is cheaper and more environmental than replacing, but I think it is probably a temporary (several years) fix that can't be re-done many times. CHris

Have you had your bathtub refinished?

October 2004

Hello; I saw one previous post on the web site, but am looking for more, and more recent, information. Have you had your bathtub refinished? (instead of buying a new one & replacing) What company did you use? How is it holding up, and how long is it guaranteed for? I'm looking for a company that can do this for an older, oddly colored tub, as we can't afford the new tub at this time. Thanks so much for any advice and recommendations. Would prefer to replace, but will refinish for now

We just used Miracle Method. $500. It has a 5 year warranty. My one complaint is that they did not do the greatest job in protecting the other bathroom fixtures during the spraying. There are some deposits now on our medicine cabinet mirror and the toilet seat lid. It's the kind of thing that nobody else would notice. The tub looks great though. anon
ours was refinished just before we bought our house and 7 months later there are 3 chips and several smaller scratches from average bathing use by our pretty calm children. I think you are supposed to be super careful, the finish is sort of like an extra thick eggshell. Chris

Recommend someone to refinish a bathtub?

Sept. 2004

Hi, Can anyone recommend someone who can refinish our bathtub? The finish is peeling off like crazy, and we need to get it done soon. I don't know if this is something I can actually do myself, but I assume it is pretty major and entails blasting off the old finish, etc. Thanks in advance

We used Miracle Method around May of this year and things are holding up so far. They transformed our tub from a stained horrible mess with a few rust spots to a new looking white tub. The 'whiteness' has dulled a little - it was positively dazzling in the first week and now it just looks normal white. We were pleased with the results but the smell from the chemicals is really awful while they are doing the refinish. They have a website We paid $475 which seemed to be the going rate.

2003 & Earlier

Interested in having 6+ bathtubs refinished

June 2003

I am interested in having 6+ bathtubs refinished instead of replacing them. If you've used this process or researched it, I'd love your input. What does it cost? Is your refinished tub as good as a new one? How long does it take to refinish a bathtub? Who would you recommend or not?

I just went through the process of having the tubs in our Boulder condo refinished. The cost was approx. $175/tub by the first guy who did a horrible job.. turns out he didn't use the proper acid to clean the tubs first. Almost immediately the tubs began peeling around the drain and on the ledges. (I am only telling you this so that you make sure you get a bonded and insured and licensed contractor to do it... we didn't the first time.. and now have to sue the guy for the repair costs in small claims court!) The stripping and second refinish by a better company cost $250/tub and it looks absolutely great. They will usually warranty it for ten years as long as you use the proper products on the tubs. If you have tenants the warranty is industry standard one year. Justi

Have you had your tub or tile refinished?


Has anyone had their tub or tile refinished? I'm remodeling a bathroom and I'm considering refinishing the tub instead of buying new. It's in fine condition but it looks dingy. Any good or bad experiences? Recommendations for a company to do the work? Anyone use a company called Miracle Method?

I used a company called Quality Refinishing in the city. It was not cheap ($400)..probably half the cost of a new tub, but our bathroom on the second floor is hard to get to and the tubs are very heavy. He did a great job, but as he left he said ''Make sure the kids don't bang on the finish with toys.'' That left me a bit puzzled. The spray on enamel is not so thick and they say it can chip. It looks great but how long it wil last is anyone's guess. Lisa
We had a bathtub resurfaced about 2 years ago when we had our bathroom overhauled. Basically the process involves painting an enamel paint coating on the tub which is bonded to the porcelin surface. I hired a guy named David at Master Glaze because he was in the price range ($300-$400... it's expensive) and available the day we needed him. I DON'T recommend him. There are a few drip marks and he failied to putty a small corroded area which in the most visible part of the tub! The Sink Factory recommends a fellow claiming we wouldn't hire anyone else on the planet! but he was on the high price end. Frankly, (now) I'd spring for the extra $50. because it should look great for years. Ohmega Salvage recommended the same guy. You could call the Sink Factory for his number.... I don't have it anymore. Claire