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May 2004

Hello: I want to purchase an air purifer and was looking at the kinds that are installed in the HVAC system rather than the large, boxy units that I don't have the space for. My husband, baby and I all suffer from pollen and dust mite allergies, these are our primary concerns for wanting an air purifier. Bacteria, virus and odor are secondary concerns. Can anyone recommend a good and effective system? There are so many. The one I'm looking at uses Ozone to clean and kill allergens (sol-aire). Ozone??? Isn't that harmful? Help! You can post to this newsletter or send me email directly. THANKS!! jessica

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Mar. 2004

I would like recommendations for effective room air filter systems for living room (24 x 12 ft) and bedrooms (11 x 13 ft). The house we live in attracts more dust than other houses I have lived in. We don't have central heating, have good ventilation and all new dual pane windows. I was thinking about an ozone filter because it doesn't require filters, but I just read that ozone damages respiratory tracks. Want something that is not huge, is quiet and economical. Thank you. Barbara

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Feb. 2004

Re: White Noise

We use our air filter for this -- it screens out miscellaneous noises and it helps reduce my husband's snoring in the springtime (yay!) without drugs. I would suggest going somewhere where they stock them and plugging them in and listening to them before buying. I saw one at Costco yesterday, we bought ours at Osh (3 or 4 years ago) and I have also seen them at Sears. Sara

Feb. 2004

Re: White Noise

We used a hepa air filter which we bought online (originally to keep the air clean when I was pregnant while we were remodeling the house.) We found it created white noise and cleaned the air for her fragile repitory system. We have a dog and two cats so it was a great way to remove the fur from the air. She's outgrown it now (8 months) but we used it constantly when she was very tiny. Who knows if it made a difference? But I figure anything that is done routinely to help signify ''sleeptime'' is useful for them. You can buy little ones that aren't as expensive. They also sell machines that produce ''white noise'' -- I think you can get them at Target. anon

We had the same issue in our small, not sound-proofed house. We find our air filter on medium does the trick. I think we bought it online (hunter brand) but Berkeley vacuum sells them as well. For travel we use a sharper image noise maker/alarm clock on white noise setting. It's not as white noisy as the filter but it definitely does the trick on the road and is quite lightweight so you could try that first before investing in a filter and finding out your daughter hates the sound. White noise lovers

How about a HEPA air filter...white noise plus delicious air to breathe... we use one despite the noise, because its so good for filtering out allergens and dust. Heather

Jan. 2003

I live near the freeway and am looking into buying an air purifier. Any advice? Do any of you own a Surround Air purifier? Angela

EL Foust makes good air purifiers. I especially like the room air purifier on this page:

It is small enough to move from room to room. Most of the good purifiers are too large. sunsol