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Henna Tattoo kits

October 2007

Does anyone know where to find Henna Tattoo Kits in the East Bay? I've seen them on-line, but wanted to get one by the weekend. Thanks Birthday Mom

Go to Berkeley, University Ave, where the Indian shopping district is. You'll find them there. Anon

You can buy Henna Tatto kits at the Art Store on Shattuck Ave. and Blake Street in Berkeley. Kai

I recently got a henna kit at the art store on Shattuck next to Funky Door Yoga (between Parker and Blake). It was kind of pricey (~$20) but worked well. I've heard there's a place on Telegraph near the UC campus that sells them too, but I can't verify that. Jenny

Henna Tattoo artist for a party

Jan 2006

Does anyone know of a good henna tattoo person? Possibly for a party? lucy

I highly recommend Neeta Sharma Phone: 209-251-9400 Email: neeta AT mehndidesigner.com View Gallery: http://www.mehndidesigner.com She did a bridal shower I hosted and everyone loved it. She easily did ''tattoos'' for about 17 people in 2 hrs. Deborah

Judi Morales-Gibson does henna tattoos and tattoo parties. She did a wonderful party for our daughter several years ago. She was located in Vallejo - it's possible that she has moved. Contact her at: jmoralesgibson AT yahoo.com

Darcy at www.hennalounge.com. She just did my pregnant belly and it was beautiful, very delicate and detailed. angela

i reccomend Katya Madrid. i actually learned henna arts from her (last spring) and have worked for her, but am hugely pregnant and out of practice. she does beautiful work, she'll be doing my belly soon, and has lots of experience doing parties (wedding and otherwise) check out her website www.hennaglyph.com katya AT hennaglyph.com 510-649-7435 elzza

Aug 2005

Mehndi (henna tattoo) artist
I just hosted a bridal shower and had a wonderful mehndi artist come and do henna tattoos. Neeta Sharma 209-251-9400 neeta[AT]mehndidesigner.com http://www.mehndidesigner.com She charges $75/hr plus $25 for travel for a gig of 1 or 2 hrs (no travel fee if it's longer) She did 17 people easily in a two hour stretch and did lovely work! I think she would be great to have at a birthday party for teens or pre-teens (you have to be careful not to smear the henna paste while it is drying so probably not great for younger kids). My 10 yr old daughter wants to have her come to her next birthday. You would have to get parents' permission, since the ''tattoos'' last 2-4 weeks... Deborah

Henna Tattoo for pregnant belly

Dec 2004

I am looking for a henna artist to tattoo my growing belly. I'd prefer someone willing to come to my home. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Amy

Try hennabash AT comcast.net. I heard she's good, but Ive had no personal experience... Good luck with everything! dani

Rachel Palacios is a wonderful artist!!! She's very kind & very skilled in henna art. She's (literally) had 100s of clients on henna body art & all have been quite impressed & satisfied with her work. She's done a wonderful piece on my pregnant belly & I was very honored that she commemorated my pregnancy with such beauty. You can contact her at (510) 508-2263. Aimee