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  • Having a 4th child?

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    My husband really wants a fourth child and I'm undecided.  We both work full time and now have 3 great kids, spaced about 2 years apart each.  We did the math and can afford the fourth kid through it would definitely mean less expensive vacations and a bit more crowding in the house.  Anyone has 4 kids and how much harder is it than having 3 kids?  Any major consideration besides the one that we will never again all fit into a regular sedan and will have to always buy/drive large cars. I don't mind another pregnancy and childbirth and am still young enough to safely have another kid, but I'm worried about managing 4 kids on top of a full time job and all of the logistics that come with having 2 parents manage and raise 4 kids.  

    We decided to go for a fourth and couldn't be happier. We feel like there is a balance between the kids and the house is so full of laughter and joy.

    It's certainly more work but we find that the older kids help out a lot with the youngest.

    I could have written your question. My husband and I are in the same boat. I am open to it but not sure I can handle another kid saying mommy constantly. I can't wait to see people's responses. 

    Thanks everyone for the responses.  We have decided to give it a year for me to focus on my career and the other kids and re-visit the decision then.