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  • nothing current in the archives so… i’m hoping to find someone who still takes protocols seriously, meaning:  masks (N95 preferred), has air purifiers, good ventilation etc. my current salon is an unmitigated disaster in this. my stylist has been sick with covid so many times it has affected her ability to do a good job AND i just don’t feel safe in a salon that does not care. my last two cuts have been less than stellar with the current being really butchered.  i’m looking for cut and blonde color, and help strategizing how to deal with my wrecked hair. anywhere in east bay berkeley to hayward. hope it’s not a unicorn, or maybe i just am. ugh. thanks BPN’rs

    Chop Salon in El Cerrito.  VERY Covid cautious - masks, high ceilings, great ventilation, spacing between clients. And great cuts and color. Not cheap, however.  

    Keter Salon on 4th Street. Masks required, doors open. Sasha is great with color and cuts.

    My hair dresser gave up her chair at the salon during COVID for safety and economic reasons. Instead, she comes to her client's homes and is always wearing a mask. If the weather is bad, I get my hair cut in a room and keep the door open. Otherwise, she cuts my hair outside. For reference, I have curly brown hair and color it once in a while to hide the grays. Let me know if you are interested in her contact info by replying to this post, and I will reply to you with her info.

    I have been going to Grove Salon on Solano since the salons opened up again. All stylists and customers still wear masks, though not always N95s. They have high ceilings and good spacing between stations, though I don't recall what air filtering they do. They're covid cautious, with the following story to illustrate my point: My stylist once has a suspected case of covid and they still cancelled all her appointments for a few days, even though she wound up never testing positive. 

    If you're in the East Bay I highly recommend Keter Salon on 4th street in Berkeley. (510.849.0306) Diana, the owner, has been styling my hair for years and she's takes covid protocols VERY seriously. All stylists are still wearing masks and they have air purifiers. My teen daughters have seen other stylists and we're always happy. Everyone's professionally trained and do a great job for both cuts and color.  good Luck!

    I've been going to Keter salon on 4th St in Berkeley for about a year. Very happy with the services; the prices are a bit high but I'm getting the best cut/color I've had in many years so for me it's worth it. The salon has high ceilings, keeps the front door open when weather is ok, air purifiers on, and the last time I was there (October?) all staff and customers were still required to wear masks.

    Try Reflections Hair Design on 7000 Stockton in El Cerrito.  They do a great job and meet your COVID criteria.

    Peter Thomas salon in Berkeley was still requiring masks when I went a few weeks ago. I've been to two stylists there and both have been great - not inexpensive, though.

    Camilla at Salon Camilla on Solano in Albany is very COVID-concious and an excellent hair stylist!

    Wood Salon in Berkely, I feel like, does a good job taking Covid precautions. Masks are required and stylists are all vaccinated. They used to take temps and require proof of Covid vaccine. I'm not sure if they're doing this still as I've not been in in a bit and I just had to prove I'm vaccinated once. I see Deborah there and have for several years. She does a great job with my simple cut but I don't get it colored so I can't make a recommendation there. I'm sure if she's not a good choice for that, someone else there would be. 

    Grove Salon on Solano in Albany/Berkeley has been great. I was there a couple months ago and they were still requiring masks; they generally leave the front and back door open; and there's high ceilings and good ventilation. As someone who's fairly high risk/COVID cautious, I feel comfortable going there

    Hi! I see Amy Walkup who has an outdoor home salon right on her covered front porch in the Laurel district in Oakland. Washing is inside but she’s so considerate about masking and asking about what you’re comfortable with. She used to work at one of the bigger salons in Oakland before having her own. She’s on Instagram @thewalkupsalon and

    Try Pony on College Ave. They have air purifiers, many of the staff wear masks and your stylist will wear them if you ask. Until very recently, they were requiring everyone to wear N95s and be vaccinated.

    Bangs and Locks in North Oakland has been very COVID cautious in my experience.

    I have been having Heather at Revival Barber and Beauty care for my hair for several years now. My impression is that most staff there are excellent. They have followed various Covid protocols over the last few years. It looks like they require masks for appointments before noon.

    I can’t recommend Katherine Eva Hair on Piedmont Ave in Oakland enough! Katie always does an amazing job, and is very conscientious about Covid. You can read the specifics on her website’s Covid info page: 

    Grove salon in Albany requires all stylists and clients to mask, I can recommend Taylor C, she is great!

    Amy Walkup at The Walk-Up Salon in Oakland! She does outdoor cuts on her porch where it’s just you and her, and she will happily wear a mask. She also has an indoor option, but I’ve always done outdoors. Her haircuts are great, and she is the nicest person too.

    I think revival in Berkeley still has masked hours in the morning - maybe before noon. Last time I was there everyone was masked and they had the door open. 

    Darling Electric on San Pablo in Berkeley is very COVID-conscious. I have been going to Lyndsay Melnick for years, and she is excellent.

  • Covid cautious haircut

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    Can anyone recommend a salon that is still taking Covid precautions. Hoping to find a salon that is only taking one or 2 customers at a time, or even operating outdoors. 


    Classic Cuts on Grand Ave. seems to fit your request.  I don't know if they specifically seek to only have 2 customers at a time, but based on the amount of stations it's been the case each time we've been there that there have only been 2 customers.  Additionally they leave the front door open and of course everyone is wearing a mask.

    I don't know if you're seeking haircuts for the whole family or a child, but Betty is very good with children.

    Pony Salon—requires proof of vaccination, masking, temperature check. All staff are vaccinated and mask. 

    I've been going to Amy Walk-up at Walk-up Salon. She was originally a stylist at an Aveda salon in downtown Oakland but it sadly closed. She now has her own business and operates on the front porch of her home in the Dimond District in Oakland. She is a really good listener and gives great cuts.  I've been seeing her for years. (510) 519-9466 or thewalkupsalon [at]

    I have been seeing Kiki Kaski at Keter Salon in Berkeley. I feel very safe seeing her. Everyone wears a mask and the stylists do testing every couple weeks. Their precautions on on their website.

    I've had two haircuts at Wood Salon (on College Ave) where I was the only client, or one of two clients in the salon (even on a weekend). They also check for vaccination at the door. For kids, Snips on College only does one haircut at a time. Customers & stylists are fully masked at all times.

    Not sure what you meant by Covid precautions, but I just went one today with the hair dresser and myself both wearing masks  the whole session. She only takes one customer at a time, in her studio. She is fully vaccinated. If this sounds right to you, feel free to send me a message and I can provide details. 

    Eric Tran runs Modern Family Hair Salon (on San Pablo near Portland Avenue) by himself, so when he cuts my hair it's just the two of us. He is fully vaccinated and taking all possible precautions -- he disinfects everything, keeps the door open and the fan on, and we are both masked the whole time.  He's also the best hair person I've ever had!  Before the pandemic he was so busy that I had to book months in advance, but he has more openings these days.

    Hi there, 

    Revival Salon on Adeline requires proof of Covid vaccination + masks for all customers, and all stylists are vaccinated and masked as well. You can see their Covid guidelines here:

    They are located at 3312 Adeline near the corner of Alcatraz (where they hold Thursday Farmer's Market). They're LQBTQIA+ friendly, do kids, have barber services, etc. Salons really got hit hard during the shutdown and I'm glad this one made it. I've known these stylists for years (many of them have raised/are raising kids through BUSD and other local community districts) and I just wanted to give them a supportive shoutout.

    Revival Salon:

    Laurel, Marketplace Moderator

    My salon is M10 on College in Rockridge. Myong only books 1 client at a time, we both are masked up, she has a great quiet air filter, and she is fully vaccinated. I've been going to her for years for cut and color. (510) 681-3102 

  • Covid-safe hair salon for cut & color

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    I am looking for a good hair salon/spa in Albany/Berkeley area. Just wondering if anyone has ventured back out into using such services again and has any places they would recommend. Looking for a possibility of outdoor or very covid safe/ socially distanced services and a stylist who is good for 30-40s-ish aged women (up with the current trends but age appropriate), quick but does a good job with coloring/highlights and cuts. Would really like to catch up on self care in a safe way and get rid of grey hair lol. Also if possible something kind on the budget would be great, open to people who work from their own backyard if they are good. Thanks!

    I love Kiki at Keter Hair Salon on Fourth street in Berkeley. I am in my mid 40's and she really took time to look at my hair and figure out what cut works best with my hair type and face.She also does great color. Salon is also very Covid safe.

    These guys are fabulous.
    1: they have a air purifier that is top notch. 
    2: they have very high ceilings and I spaced out between each hairdresser. I believe it’s about 20 feet apart but not 100% sure. 

    3: they may even be able to continue their cuts outside as they were doing early on. You could try to request it. 
    4: I love all their stylists but a few of my favorites is Karen and Bethany. 

    they are always masked and preferred debit or credit card payment

    I’ve been getting my hair cut by Nikki Hicks in Kensington: She gives me a reliably excellent cut for $80. I haven’t compared prices lately but I know cuts can be well over that amount around here. Her services and prices are on the “services” tab of the website linked above. She does an excellent job listening to what you like and offering ideas. She has her own studio, so only one client at a time, it’s indoors but with very good circulation, she checks temps, has you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you come in, and she’s fully vaccinated. Can’t speak to coloring services but I would feel completely confident trusting her with that. Good luck finding a good fit!

  • Haircutter that comes to home

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    I really messed up my 10 yr old son's fade. The guard fell off the clippers while I was cutting his hair and now there's a white spot on his head. Whoops! Needless to say my son will not let me near his hair now. Does anyone know of an experienced hair stylist who does at-home hair appointments? I AM DESPERATE.

    Perhaps this is the time to let him pick out whatever cap or hat he’s been dreaming about while the hair grows back. 

    My hairdresser lives in Oakland and I live in Berkeley, not far from the salon where he works, though it's closed. About a month ago I arranged for him to come and give me a cut and color in the back yard, and to make it worth his while I arranged for three friends/neighbors to get haircuts as well. He's very good, not cheap at $65 for a cut and no discounts for kids. If you're interested I'll put you in touch. 

    Hi. We love our hairdresser, April Antz. She will come to you. She has been our family’s hairdresser for 15 years. Miracle worker. 
    510-384-9613. Give her a call!

    April’s salon, Bias is her own Black owned business. 

    I'm really sorry. How about ordering a baseball cap from his favorite team?

    Lisa is really sweet and has come to my backyard, or she was talking about finding outdoor space at her salon, Tique.  510-712-4205

    I've had my hair done by Patricia of La Peluqueria, and was happy with the result. She's just one person in her own salon and comes to people's yards and gardens.