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    Has anyone used Genova Diagnostics for GI/Microbiome testing? I have Kaiser and my GP basically won't order any work for me, so I'd like to go out of network to access Genova's Comprehensive Stool Profile but only a doctor can order it. Do you have any recs for a doctor you've used who would be able to order it for me, or any experience with similar diagnostic testing that a patient can access without a physician? I know there are test kits available all over, including Amazon, but those reviewed don't seem reliable.

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    Years ago, my husband had testing with Genova Diagnostics, though not that exact test. Our physician Michiyo Kawachi ordered it for him. She’s now with Stanford in Emeryville, I believe. She’s wonderful! 

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    We used Genova Diagnostics for our son's OAT and stool tests; they were ordered by his pediatrician at UCSF. I have heard recommendations for Great Plains Lab and they have a link on their site that you can use and pay for a doctor to prescribe the test you need- it is The test can then be done by Great Plains lab. Hope this helps!