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Group for unpublished husband/writer

May 2004

My husband has been writing now (poetry and fiction) for more than twenty-five years without a significant publication, and it is wearing on him. He has been fiercely determined and independent, keeping up a half-day writing schedule every day and sending things off to agents and journals, but no real break. Two novel manuscripts have been completed, and his lack of success with the second one has moved him to consider changing his method. Can anyone out there recommend a writers' group or workshop or program or circle for a middle-aged man whose work deals with sexuality and the realm of abstract ideas? He was in a Master's Program once (not here in the Bay Area), but grew disgusted with it (he really only would have had to turn in his first novel to get the degree, but he opted out of that). So he's a hard sell for groups, but he wants to try again. For the moment I will remain anonymous, but I will look for your responses here on the network. Many thanks for any leads. a writer's wife

My sister just had luck with self publishing. She used iuniverse and although she didn't sell a lot of copies, it did make the book available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She did get noticed by some special interest groups and got some wonderful reviews and reader's comments, and even won some awards. She then had a reviewed book to approach agents with and just signed with an agent several weeks ago and now has a publishing deal! You never know. anon

Hi folks, I'm posting this for my partner's mom, since there seem to have been several questions about writers' groups and editing help lately. She's a published author, a great communicator, and a wise, honest and gentle person.

''Write for Your Life'' is a writing group led by Beth Glick- Rieman (510-524-2858) in Richmond Annex next door to El Cerrito. It welcomes those who write because they are driven to do so, and those who write because they want to be published. (No guarantees, but lots of ideas and helps.)

The writer chooses the focus of her/his creative effort and asks the group either just to hear it or to offer critique. Minimum fee; great stimulation; creative and supportive atmosphere. You are welcome to join us. Call for more info. Jen

Want to get together with other writers

May 2004

I finished my MFA in writing last summer and have been doing some writing on my own, but I am s-o-o-o lonely. Is there a writing group out there that needs another dedicated, hard- working member? I wrote a collection of short stories for my thesis, have a novel gestating, and am currently working on a piece of creative nonfiction. Anybody want to join me? Jean

You don't mention a specific genre but if you have an interest in in writing mystery or crime fiction, I know of a fabulous group that meets twice-monthly in Berkeley. Two of our members have completed first novels and been offered representation by literary agents. We also wine and dine local mystery authors, attend conferences together, and take field trips to places like Oakland Homicide. For more information, check out the group's website: http://www.mysteriouswrit.org/page2.html Sharon

I've a friend who's part of a writers group. He said that writers groups, including his, often post on Craigslist. He also recommends the following link: http://www.sfstation.com/literaryarts/writinggroups.htm Kerri