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    Does anyone know of a synchronized swim class or program for kids (7 & 10)?  I would ideally love something in Berkeley/Oakland side of the tunnel but open to other locations. I know about the Aquanuts program, which seems great but maybe more intense than my girls would want.  Ideally it is something fun for the summer for girls who love the water and dance/gymnastics.


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Synchronized swimming near Berkeley

Feb 2004

i read on the website about synchronized swimming in walnut creek but am interested in finding something closer -- does anyone have details about the albany program? what age is a good age to start? what is the time commitment? what are the fees? are there any other programs close to or in berkeley? thanks for any information you can provide.

My daughter took synchronized swimming lessons at the Downtown Berkeley Y about 5 years ago. I'm not sure if they are still doing it, but it was fun. She knew how to swim already, but not perfectly. I would think any age is fine as long as they feel comfortable in the deep water (they held the lessons in the deep pool), and can swim.

Planning a swimming performance for a friend

June 2003

I know this may be a strange request, but wondering if anyone knows of a synchronized swimming group in the bay area. I am throwing a party for a friend who has always had a special place in her heart for the sport and I would love to plan a performance for her. Any help out there? Julie

I found you a team! The Aquanuts are based in Walnut Creek: Enjoy! Jennie

A nationally-known synchronized swimming program is run from Heather Farms in Walnut Creek. Nancy

I've heard that the Albany pool has synchronized swimming. Marcia

What a cool idea!! I noticed Mills College has classes, perhaps they'd know of a team (or have one too) 510-430-2170. Also, one of the Olympic Teams was from Walnut Creek I think, but I don't have any info. Good luck. T. Joe

There is a synch. swimming group in Walnut Creek that is supposed to be very good. I can't think of the name, but I believe they swim at the pool at Heather Farms park. I went to a performance a few years ago after they won some big awards. Good luck! Kathryn

Try contacting the synchronized swim team at the Heather Farms Park pool in Walnut Creek. Many of the 1996 gold medal team members participate(d) in the program at Heather Farms. Linnea

Check out the Walnut Creek Aquanuts. Their website is Christina

Looking for an adult synchronized swimming group

June 2002

I would like to find an adult synchronized swimming group. I am not much more than a guppie in the pool, but I have this strong sense that this would be something to really enjoy (and a great workout). Does anyone know of a group anywhere in the eastbay? Dmills

Try the Albany Pool. I know they have a couple of synchronized swimming groups - not sure if it's for adults. Mitchell