Juggling Clubs

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Sept. 2002

My daughter is an avid juggler (many thanks to Camp Winnarainbow!). I need to buy her a set of good clubs (her first). Where do we buy them? We had a renegade juggling website recommended, but they have many different kinds, and we don't know which to look at, AND they are expensive, so I don't want to make a mistake. Any other tips on juggling in the Bay Area appreciated. Chris

Hello, About juggling clubs: our daughter is a member of Splash Circus, and we get her clubs from http://www.seriousjuggling.com/

We buy the Beard Circus special which are the cheapest quality clubs with a soft handle; $15.

And all people who like juggling should check out Splash Circus: http://www.splashcircus.com/ The fall shows are coming soon! ~Randall

Oh boy, what an exciting question! Renegade Juggling in Santa Cruz is a fine source. They make some of their own clubs and sell others as well. Serious Juggling in Portland I think is also a good source. My son and I are also jugglers. He went to Winnarainbow once about four years ago. The Portland Juggling festival is coming up weekend after next at Reed College! Many vendors will be represented. I'm seriously considering attending with my son. I've got some clubs she could try / borrow for a while (in Albany) and see how she likes them. (6 renegade clubs, and 6 I got through Serious Juggling, can't remember the brand) There are clubs for different purposes. (outdoors, lots of spin, multiples) Clubs have different decorations on them. When you order a set, they are custom built for you. Get six so you can pass. Locally, I recommend the UC Berkeley Juggling Club They meet Friday afternoon, 4-7pm on the lawn just west of Evans hall. There also would be a chance to meet other jugglers and try out their equipment. Yes clubs are expensive, but generally very durable, and lots of fun. Leonard