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  • Geocaching for 8 and 5 yo?

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    I am looking for ways to entice my two young-ish kids to go on hikes with me, as it's my preferred means of exercise and de-stressing. They love the outdoors and camping but are more interested in play structures or bike riding than plain ole' hiking, and often express fear that we will get lost as the reason they don't want to go. I'm considering introducing geocaching. Would love to hear of fellow avid hikers who used this as a trick to get their kids out on the trails. Did it work? Was it fun? Are there downsides? Is it too tech-reliant? (I'm trying to be less tied to my phone, but geocaching seems to require it...)

    See you on the trail, hopefully!

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    Geocaching is a great way to get kids out on the trails (and exploring urban areas, too)! I did it with my kids when they were about the age yours are. I didn't have a smart phone in those days, but (at least back then) there were caches hidden with clues about where to find them, so you didn't need the geo coordinates and it was more like a scavenger hunt, which was great. I think you can still find these types of clues at, but you have to create a login to view them so I didn't check that. A couple tips based on our experience: Bring a stamp (and ink pad if needed) to sign the log book with - a self-carved stamp is even better - you can even make one from an eraser; bring some small tokens to leave behind in caches you find (we used to bring stickers, interesting rocks, random small toys from birthday goodie bags, etc.); and manage expectations - we didn't always find what we were looking for, so sometimes we had to "enjoy the journey" and be satisfied with that. Maybe a good lesson to learn, anyway! Have fun!

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    Geo-caching teens anyone?

    Sept 2010

    I am looking for teens who are into Geocaching? Is there an organized group? We haven't tried it yet and would like to connect with other teens for an introductory how to.

    I don't know of a specific teenager geocaching group, but I would start out doing it as a family. We certainly enjoy it. It gives a reason to go hiking.

    There are meets of local geocachers listed in the weekly eMail newsletter we get. They are people of all ages.

    You might also check out this site:

    Go ahead and get a free membership on and start caching! Geocaching family with teenagers

    I think I just saw a notice for a club at BHS that does geo-caching or something very similar.