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Feb 2002

My mother will be visiting soon and she is an avid bridge player. Can anyone recommend a place in the East Bay (Berkeley, El Cerrito, North Oakland) where she could drop in to play a few hands? Margaret

I haven't been in a couple of years, but Piedmont Bridge Club has duplicate games Friday nights (and other times -- I only went on Friday nights). They accepted anyone who knew the game at the regular tables, and they had separate tables for masters players. The guy who ran it was VERY nice and if you called in the afternoon he'd match you up with a partner. I was just a mediocre player, but I felt very welcome and I learned a lot because I got to play so many games in one night. The only real requirement is that you be able to play fairly quickly, or the tables get backed up, but it sounds like your mother is a regular player, so that's probably not a problem. Their number is 527-4594. Leave a message and they'll get back to you. They can probably also give you information about other clubs in the area. Have fun! rhimes

My husband often plays at the Piedmont Bridge Center on Highland Avenue, phone number: 527-4594. When my mother-in-law is in town he brings her along for a few games, and she loves it. The man who runs it is Doug and he's terrific. Good luck. Carolyn