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Teen Bowling League

March 2001

My son wants to start/form some kind of bowling league for the ECHS in the fall. Does anyone know of a bowling club/intramural or intremural league in the bay area? He would like to talk to someone who knows about how to form one. Joann 

I'm responding to the parent who is interested in teen bowling league. There are junior leagues to accomodate all levels and ages of youth bowling. Since the student is at ECHS, the closest bowling center would be Albany Bowl. The owner is John Tierney and the youth bowling director is Myrna Sloan. The center has a number of bowling leagues already in progress, to accomodate kids from 3-21 years of age, from beginners on up to intercollegiate level. On Saturdays, there are a number of leagues to accomodate teenagers. The best one to join is the Junior Scratch Challenge. This league is designed for teens with averages ranging from 120 on up. Some of the top average bowlers in this league have averages of 200+. Bowlers win scholarship money in this league and they are groomed to compete in local, statewide and national competitions. We have kids come to this league from as far away as Fairfield, Vallejo and Antioch, just for the competition and the coaching alone. This league has a number of well qualified coaches who teach/train youth bowlers in competitive bowling. These kids, all ages and levels, travel all over the state and country to various tournaments. Not to mention, the bowling center sponsors its own in-house tournaments for its youth throughout the year.

The phone number is (510)526-8818 and they are located at 540 San Pablo Ave, in Albany. I consider myself to be a bowlaholic. I learned to bowl at Albany at the age of 5. I have been bowling now for 30 years. I am also a coach at Albany(currently on leave),and have been coaching youth bowling for the past 12 years. There are a number of parents, who also assist the coaching staff in basic and advanced instruction. One of the parents, Dean Asami, is a professional bowler and owns the pro-shop at the center. He would be an excellent resource for equipment and equipment analysis.

When you call, tell them Kim Wheaton sent ya! I don't get anything for referrals but I like to plug my bowling center every opportunity I get. Afterall, I started bowling at this center, at the age of 5, and have a long and prosperous history with Albany bowl.

My daughter started bowling at Albany at the age of 3. She's been bowling for nearly 13 years and has travelled to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Arizona and various places in between for youth bowling.


To add a comment on teen bowling, if your son/daughter is interested in bowling, Tuesday nights are bowling nights at Albany Bowl for a lot of teens. The prices are cheaper and it is a safe hangout for kids that want to bowl for fun or just want to hangout with their friends. There aren't many bowling alleys left and it is nice that Albany Bowl is still around and very accommodating for all people. S. Roberts