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13-year-old wants to improve his skills

Nov 2012

My 13 year old son would like to improve his baseball skills before the upcoming season. I am interested in hiring a good coach, who connects easily with teens, for him to meet with on a regular basis. We would appreciate any recommendations you may have. Thank you, Baseball Mom

I'm not sure where you are located but you should definitely check out Joe Pearse. Here is a link to his website... He is amazing!!!! Hillary

There is a relatively new baseball operation in Richmond Annex, Wheelhouse Academy of Baseball. There is a new series of group lessons aimed at kids your son's age starting soon. Coach Michel is a compact, powerful guy with several years of experience in Cuba at a very high level; he really knows hitting and strength and conditioning. David Gaskins runs the operation, which has batting cages open at convenient times, and he may have a line on other skills coaches in the local area. These group lessons are a lot less expensive than private coaching.

There are several other guys who do private instruction, we've worked with Frank Potestio, frank [at] He typically works out of Caldecott field, and he can coach it all. He's also open to having you video his lessons, so you can play them back to your son to reinforce the lessons. I like Frank, I'd use him again.

Ben Mangan has an operation out near Merritt college; we've used his cages, but not his instruction: Baseball Dad

Frank Potestio came highly recommended to us by a couple of 8th grade parents who have sons that are now on travelling teams. Frank is a former pro and has been coaching for about 20 years. Frank has been doing one on one lessons with our son since last Spring and we've experienced nothing but great results - takes a few lessons at the beginning to shake off old habits but he is now seeing stronger results in both pitching and hitting.

Frank works for half an hour on pitching and half an hour on hitting. He is top notch, so hard to compare him to some of the more junior coaches out there price wise. Typically coaches at Caldecott or Chabot. He can be reached at (925)420-5473. happy noll soll parent

I highly recommend Eric Pickett with Future Prospects Baseball Coaching, he is a former professional player and has been coaching for years and has a motivational/confidence- building approach! He can be contacted at (707) 326-6873 Anon

Jase Turner is a former pro ball player who is now back in the bay area. He does clinics & lessons and you can google him. Jtpomona [at] Miriam

Baseball Hitting Coach for 12-year-old

Jan 2007

Looking for a good hitting coach for my 12-year son who is entering last year in Little League majors next spring. Dad

Call Frank Postestio, 925.240.1651. He's a former major leaguer and does a good job explaining the mechanics of hitting to kids. He got my son out of a no-hitting slump with one 50-minute session. He's not cheap, but he's good. He works at Caldecott Field and other locations Carrie

I have been very happy with Ben Mangen of ''Future Star Baseball''. He works off of Campus Drive in Oakland (Redwood Rd. exit on 13). My son really enjoys him and he is also playing Little League. He's knowledgeable, nice and easy to work with. He can be reached at 510- 710-0987. Terri