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Baseball opportunity for husband?

Aug 2014

My husband loves baseball -- fan of listening/watching, history of little league, fairly decent player for the occasional informal game. So how can he find opportunities to play as an adult? The exercise and community would be great for him. Does he need to join a league? Are there fairly relaxed ones -- at least for starters? Where do you go to find out about opportunities? He won't do it himself so I'm asking for him. Oh, and how much time does it take per week? He has a demanding job and not a lot of free time. We live in Oakland and work in Lamorinda. How to get out and play?

There are a few men's baseball leagues in the Bay Area (Bay Area Men's Senior Baseball -; Tri-Valley Men's Senior Baseball -; SF National Adult Baseball Assoc. - In my experience, the guys in these leagues take their game pretty seriously and many of them previously played in high school or college, although it probably varies from team to team.

If he's looking for something a little more laid back, recreational softball might be a good alternative. There are men's and co-ed softball leagues in most of the local city Park & Rec departments - Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, etc. Baseball Widow

There should be adult baseball leagues in the area. Check out the MSBL and NABA websites. They have different age groups and different levels of play depending on the size of the league and the participation level. If he's in decent shape and maybe has been playing some softball recently, there should be a spot for him on a team. There usually have ways to hook up potential players with teams before the season starts via an open players list or a tryout day. Good luck! Fred