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Suit or Tuxedo for 3 year old

June 2003

My three year old son is going to be a ring bearer in two weddings this summer. Does anyone have a recommendation on places to buy or rent a dark colored suit or tuxedo in size 3 or 4? Thanks. Carol 

A retail store called Janie and Jack sells little boy and infant suits, possibly tuxedos too. Just adorable things, but a bit pricey. There is a store in Corte Madera mall, and some other Bay Area outskirts mall that I can't recall. You could try calling them first to see exactly what they have and for the closest one to you. Heather

I rented a tuxedo for my son in May (he was also a ring bearer) at Siegels Tuxedo shop on Grand Avenue. Cross street Wildwood. He got the whole kit and kaboodle for around $53.00. Karen

We bought two tuxedos last summer from For about $50, they send a complete outfit including shirt and your choice of color for bowtie and cumberbund. Also, they were very nice on the phone in helping figure out the correct sizes. Deborah