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  • 13 year old boy who loves to fish

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    Hi BPN community-

    Our 13 year old son is an avid and obsessive fisherman. Some of his friends are interested in fishing to a degree but they're not as dedicated as he is. We'd love to find a group or club that might give him the chance to meet other kids who share this passion. Any suggestions? Or, if you have a son in this age range who adores fishing and is looking for a fishing buddy for weekend excursions, please ask the moderator for my info. Thank you!

    Trackers Earth in Berkeley has a year-round Mariners Apprenticeship program with instructors and kids who are avid fisher-people.   They also have fishing camps.

    If your son is interested in fly fishing or learning how to fly fish, the Fly Shop in Redding runs a great overnight camp. He'll be able to meet a bunch of kids who share his interest!

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Good places to take kids fishing?

Aug 2013

Hello! My 5-year-old can't stop talking about how much he wants to go fishing. Neither his dad nor I have ever gone ourselves, and have no idea where to go. Any advice on good fishing spots in the bay area (the closer to Berkeley, the better)? And any advice on getting equipment (rentals, second-hand, appropriate for kids)? Captain Ahab shamps

Definitely the San Pablo Reservoir -- Long Time Reservoir Lover!

Hi - My teenage son is a fishing maniac. He now takes his own boat out on the California Delta, but when he was younger and even now when he has a short time frame he fishes in the regional park lakes. Lake Chabot, Lake Anza in Tilden Park, etc are stocked with fish periodically. Lafayette Reservoir is probably his favorite locally, also San Pablo dam reservoir. You can fish from the shore or rent small boats at some of these facilities. You can check the EBMUD website for other locations, or regional park flyers. They have fishing clinics for kids at some of the regional parks, especially at Lake Chabot where they will teach the basics. Most cub scout and boy scout troops also have camps and outings that include fishing and access to leaders with more experience then you may have with teaching fishing to kids. My son has taught many younger kids through the scouts (I know scouts are not totally P.C., but for outdoorsy kids it's one of the few organized options.) You might also consider a family trip to Clearlake or other beautiful destination where fishing is available. I would recommend you try Bay Tackle in El Cerrito for equipment. The owner, George has helped us with equipment at all price points over time. He occasionally has used equipment. Obviously, you can also try Craigs list or other such venues for used equipment. If you are not too P.C. you can also usually find reasonably priced gear at Walmart and other big box stores. Maybe not the highest quality, but ok for kids. Good luck. Fishing can be a great hobby and social activity for boys. It keeps my son out in the great outdoors, physically fit from hiking around lugging his gear around, and is a great social activity for boys when they get older, better than many activities that teenagers can potentially get involved in. Good luck, fishing mom

This looks like a good fishing place, Troutmere Fishing, in La Honda, CA. Sure, a bit of a drive but would make an excellent day trip. They have chickens and other fun things for kids to do as well. They basically guarantee that your kid will catch a fish, which is pretty important after renting all the stuff and devoting a day of your life. Check out their yelp reviews. They have all the gear as well. - I think we'll take our son here too

Camp Site with Fishing over Father's Day

May 2012

I am looking for a place to take my family car camping over fathers day weekend. We need something toddler, we have a 1 1/2 year old, and dog friendly. My husband would also like to fish. Other than those 3 requirements we are pretty open. Oh and of course someplace that won't already be booked up. Thanks for any recommendations. Camp Mom

You asked for a camping/fishing location for Father's Day. Try Lake Del Valle, just southeast of Pleasanton. Rise and Shine Campers

We loved, loved Summerdale Campground which is located on Big Creek, 1.5 miles south of Yosemite National Park south entrance. We camped right next to the stream which was stocked with trout (be sure to bring salmon eggs, they did the trick to catch the fish). Dog friendly too. Susan

Place near Berkeley to go fishing

March 2009

We would like to take our to kids fishing, near Berkeley, just for a day. Could you recommend a place? Thanks! Amy

San Pablo Dam near Orinda/El Sobrante.
Lake Chabot
Lake Temescal
Berkeley pier
Lafayette Reservoir?

Longs at 51 and Broadway in Oakland sells fishing gear.

I believe that you can fish in Lake Temescal in Oakland and that it is stocked. Contact Oakland Parks and Recreation. Laura W

Lake Temescal is great. Next to the junction of highways 24 and 13 in Oakland, so super easy to get to, though once there you feel like you are away from it all.

The lake is stocked periodically with rainbow trout through the winter months and catfish in the summer. Other fish in residence include large mouth bass, red-eared sunfish, bluegill. Fishing is not allowed from the dam, in the swimming area, or in the stream. Janelle

San Pablo Reservoir. There is an article in The Chronicle on it today: -- a mom

Lake Chabot (Oakland) anon

Weekend Get-Away for Fishing?

July 2003

I'm planning a birthday surprise for my husband for the end of September and would love to take him away for the weekend somewhere where he could do some simple fishing.

I'm looking for recommendations of places that are not too far from the East Bay, where we could rent a relatively affordable but nice house for us and our infant son, with easy access to good fishing. Ideally this place would also have a nice beach/swimming hole for me and the little one, so we could relax while big daddy catches our dinner!

I'd also like to set him up with a nice set of fishing supplies to get him started, so I'd appreciate any pointers on what essentials his starter set should include. (He's got a cheap-o rod that he bought at the corner store last time we went camping.)

Thanks! evelyn

If you like Salmon now is the time to get out and do some fishing off the Marine coast. The fish are starting to move to get ready to go upstream by coming thru the Golden Gate. Call Robert Galia and tell him you would like to go fishing, he is the captain of the commercialsportsfishing boat Eldorado at Berkeley marina. The bait shop and boat ramp is at the foot of University I think the address is 225. Bob has one of the fastest boats in the fleet and he gives his all to get on top of the fish. Call Robert at 207-3474 after 3pm and get the details. Rich Good fishing!