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  • Vet for Feral Cat

    Apr 14, 2021

    Can anyone recommend a vet in the Oakland/Berkeley area that works with feral cats? I recently adopted a semi-feral cat who lives in my backyard. He’s neutered and healthy, and I’d like to find a vet for annual vaccines and any other health needs that might come up. He’s pretty skittish around people and may try to scratch or bite during an exam. The vet I take my other (non-feral) cats to said they don’t usually work with ferals, so I’m hoping for a recommendation of a vet that does. Thank you!

    The Nine Lives Foundation offers vaccines and neutering for feral cats.  I had my cat spayed there, and was given advice regarding a wound on my cat's paw. They are in Redwood City, and may have information regarding finding someone closer to you.  Here is their link: https://www.ninelivesfoundation.org/

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Neighbor Feeds Feral Cats

May 2014

We just moved to Albany. The house next door is vacant, no one lives there, but the owner of the house keeps coming by and put cat food out to feed the feral cats. The food also attracts raccoons, rats, skunks, etc., which not only creates nuisance, they are also dangerous to pets, children, and everyone in the neighborhood. I've tried to talk to the owner, asking nicely to stop putting food out, but she only got upset and told me how I am an animal hater (even though I have a dog). I called ASPCA, Feral Cats Foundation, etc. No one seems to be able to resolve this problem. My other neighbors told us that the cat lady's family are vindictive people, and I should be careful. What should I do? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Anon.

I live in Albany, too, and it's a small town. Do you know your other neighbors? If not, get busy and get to know them, and ask them about the feral cat situation. Then go to City Hall as a group and ask about the lack of maintenance on this vacant house (which is a biggie in Albany, where property values are king) and the nuisance aspect. Now, it is a small town, as I said, and it is possible that this woman's family are long-time residents with connections in City Hall. But there are ordinances about this kind of thing, so research them (if you haven't) and make common cause with others to avoid the blow-back from the vindictive family. If you were on my street, I would go with you! good fences make good neighbors

I'm so sorry to hear about this problem. It sounds as if your neighbor is certainly creating a neighborhood nuisance and even a dangerous situation when it comes to rats. There is no legal recourse? I hope that some lawyer on this network sees this post and has some good advice. I was thinking that perhaps the neighborhood could sue her in small claims court. Also, couldn't the cops get involved? It is a nuisance, isn't it? If the answer is that there is no legal solution, wouldn't it be nice to know where she lived, and attract some thing to her own home that she hates and makes her life miserable? I wonder what that might be. I also thought that if someone were to put a plastic garbage bag full of dead rats, caught in traps on her front door, she might think twice about supporting the population of rats if they are just going to be killed. I'm not advocating doing that, just saying it might be nice.... Gotta love them neighbors