Fantasy Camps for Grownups

Parent Q&A

  • I'm thinking about sending my husband to the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp for his 50th birthday. It's kind of a big expense for us, but I think I'd like to do it if it's really worth it. He has always played in bands and really gets such satisfaction in doing it. A couple of the musicians that will be at the camp I"m looking at, in my opinion, are quite good too. But, I guess I would like to hear of anyone's experiences at any of these adult fantasy camps. They seem a little...cheesy in some ways and I'm not sure that they're really that great overall.  Would love to hear any advice that anyone who has done it or knows someone who has done it can offer.

    A very good friend of mine attended the Rock and Roll  Fantasy camp in Southern California a few years ago and absolutely loved it!. He had been a big music guy his whole life, was in a band in high school, but had stopped playing. After camp he got back into playing again which made him wonderfully happy. 

    My husband attended a Major League Baseball Team's fantasy camp where he met with past (and present?) players. They played 1-2 baseball games a day for a few days and had "locker room time" as well where the best stories were shared. He is a dedicated fan and grew up watched a lot of the "legends" who were at camp. He loved this experience and it was something of a dream come true. He was about 40 when we attended and he went back the following year as well. He may do it again when he is 50! There were guys of all ages, even some in the 60s and 70s! If you can swing this financial, I'm sure your husband would love to attend an adult fantasy camp! Go for it!

    I think it will depend on which camp you choose.   Obviously some are better than others, they're not all cut from the same cloth.    Try to find one that has one or two of your husband's favorite musicians participating or has band members from his favorite band.    Friends who have attended rock camps have thoroughly enjoyed them, hanging with their rock gods, learning some new music and meeting music lovers with the similar interests.