Visiting Ethiopia

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Jan 2006

RE: Vacationing in Ethiopia and Kenya with a 9 year old

we traveled in Kenya and Ethiopia before our son was born. Kenya was an ''easy'' trip especially if you join an organized Safari. Ethiopia is a different story. we traveled there alone and it wasn't easy. it wasn't easy to communicate, wasn't easy to blend in and not feel like a walking ATM machine. that said, we had a great time. Ethiopia is beautiful and very special country. the further you go from the big cities, the friendlier the people are.

At the time we were there (5 years ago) it wasn't possible to rent a car without a driver. so we found (through the travel agency) a guide/driver. he picked us up from the airport and we went with him south to the lakes. then we flew to Gondar and then to Lalibela. we didn't have enough time to travel to Aksum but I heard it is beautiful too. there aren't many tourist or hotels at every place, so just take what you find. sorry I can't be of more help recommending specific places, I can't remember the hotels we stayed in. have a great time! Roni