English Language Learners at Berkeley High

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Berkeley High school and 10th grade English learner

March 2014

My son will be starting BHS this fall. I assume he will be placed in the advanced English Learners class. I would like to hear your advise or experience regarding starting BHS at 10th grade and being an English Learner at BHS. Thank you! anon

I teach at Berkeley High and generally the students in the ELL program do fine, particularly if their parents are college-educated. I would talk to the lead teacher for the program to get more information in the specific course placement as it depends on the English level -- usually the students are in a regular class for math and I believe science if they are at an advanced level. You can opt out, but generally students get better grades in all their classes with the extra support. Call the parent resource office at Berkeley High if you need help finding the right person to contact. anon