Educational Consultants for Autistic Spectrum Kids

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April 2010

Re: School for 15-y-o who may have mild Aspergers

Nancy Chin is very good with children and teens who have asperger. She has done wonders with a child that my son went to elementary and middle school with. This boy who really had few social skills and had trouble fitting in is now a happy, motivated high school student. I highly recommend you call her at 925-299-1069. Nancy-Can-Help

Seeking good school placement for autistic spectrum 10yo

May 2009

I need to find an educational consultant who has a lot of experience with kids on the autistic spectrum. This child is 10 years old and kind, friendly, verbal, and never in trouble. He's at public school and struggling even with some special help academically (which will disappear because of budget cuts). He does not need a lot of testing. We want someone who can help figure out a good school placement for him. He would benefit from focused and supportive academics. He needs some directed social encouragement as well. Parents don't have a lot of money. Somebody who has worked with school districts before would be helpful, because we might have to get their help. It would be great to have the advice from a parent of a mildly-autistic or ASD child who's been through this before. Thanks!

We hired Renee Lamborn of Deborah Bloom Consultants ( as our educational consultant/advocate for our son's first IEP when he turned three, and we will be using her again for his second IEP coming up. We found her to be extremely easy to work with, and she worked well with our school district contacts. We came up with a plan for our son together with the school district, and we've been very happy with his school program. Renee was able to help us understand what our options were and our legal rights in ''user friendly'' terms. anon

I have a ten year old son with Aspergers or High Functioning Autism (received both diagnosis at different times). We were in Berkeley Public Schools, but have been in and out, tried Hickman Charter school for a few months (3rd grade). Now are attempting to home school because son developed extreme shyness, germ phobia at school. HMO Kaiser refused to provide any therapeutic services because we refused to let them dope him with SSRIs.

I've been lucky to have been able to spend a lot of time with him the last two years. He is a wonderful child, very intelligent, but he abhors school, and anything thing else he feels forced to do. I am starting a website at about these issues. I have also filed articles of incorporation with the state for a non-profit of the same name to develop educational strategies to help ASD kids and their parents cope.

I am not a educator by profession. I am a builder, a carpenter and web designer mostly. I can't offer any specific service, but I would greatly appreciate talking to you and trading stories, etc. I have been to the county Family Resource Network, and they can't help because son is not severely afflicted. It's that way with other schools and so on too.

Please get back to me if you want to get together and talk. John L.