Earthquake Supplies

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by Chevron Real Estate Emergency Services, San Francisco Bay Area, Disaster Planning & Preparedness Committee

The Family Disaster Supplies Calendar is intended to help you prepare for disasters before they happen. Using the calendar, your family can assemble an emergency kit in small steps over a six month period. Check off each week as you gather the contents. Supplies may be stored all together in a large plastic garbage can or food may be kept on kitchen shelves. Remember to rotate your perishable supplies and change water every six months.

Create a Family Disaster Supplies Kit

To Get Started:

  • Check your house for supplies that you already have on hand.
  • Decide where you will store supplies (food may be packed together in a single container or kept on shelves for easy rotation.

Meet With Your Family To Plan:

  • Discuss the types of disasters that could occur.
  • Explain how to prepare; explain when and how to respond.
  • Discuss what to do if you need to evacuate.
  • Practise your plan.

Suggested Foods

Select based on your family's needs and preferences. Pick low-salt, water-packed varieties when possible.

Canned Meat:          Tuna, chicken, raviolis, chili, beef stew, spam,
                      corned beef, etc.
Vegetables:           Green beans, kernel corn, peas, beets, kidney
                      beans, carrots, etc.
Fruit:                Pears, peaches, mandarin oranges, applesauce, etc.
Cereal:               Cheerios, Chex, Kix, Shredded Wheat, etc.
Quick Energy Snacks:  Granola bars, raisins, etc.

Remember to rotate your supplies every six months!
In case of evacuation, your "Go-Pack" should:

  • Be in a back pack or other similar container that is easily carried.
  • Contain your most important items such as a change of clothes, quarters for pay phones, out-of-state contact info, medications, important papers, etc.

Note: Items marked with an asterisk "*" should be purchased for each member of the household.

WEEK 1                    WEEK 2                  WEEK 3


() 1 gallon of water*     () crescent wrench      () 1 gallon of water*
() 1 jar peanut butter*   () heavy rope           () 1 can meat*
() 1 large can juice*     () duct tape            () 1 can fruit*
() hand-operated can      () 2 flashlights        () sanitary napkins
   opener                    with batteries       () video tape
() instant coffee, tea    () "bungee" cords
   powdered soft drinks                           (remember 1 gallon of
() permanent marking                              water for each pet)
   pens to mark date on

(remember 1 gallon of
water for each pet)

Also: pet food, diapers   Also: a leash or        Also: pet food, diapers
and/or baby food, if      carrier for your        and/or baby food, if
needed.                   pet, if needed.         needed.

TO DO                     TO DO                   TO DO

() Make a family plan.    () Check your house     () Use a video camera to
() Date each perishable      for hazards.            tape the contents of
   food item using        () Locate your gas         your home for insurance
   marking pen.              meter and water         purposes.
                             shutoffs and attach  () Store video tape with
                            a wrench near them.      friend/family member 
						     who lives out of town.

WEEK 4                    WEEK 5                  WEEK 6


() plumber's tape         () 1 gallon of water*   () aspirin and/or
() crowbar                () 1 can of meat*          acetominophen
() smoke detector         () 1 can fruit*         () compresses
   with battery           () 1 can vegetables*    () rolls of gauze or
                          () 2 rolls toilet       () first aid tape
                             paper*               () adhesive bandages
                          () extra toothbrush*       (in assorted sizes)
                          () travel size toothpaste

Also: extra medications   Also: special food for  Also: extra hearing aid
or a prescription         special diets, if       batteries, if needed.
marked "emergency use"    needed.
if needed.

TO DO                     TO DO                   TO DO

() Install or test        () Have a fire drill    () Check with your child's
   your smoke detector.      at home.                day care or school to
() Tie water heater to                               find out about their
   wall studs using                                  disaster plans.
   plumber's tape.

WEEK 7                    WEEK 8                  WEEK 9


() 1 gallon of water*     () scissors             () 1 can ready-to-eat soup*
() 1 can ready-to-eat     () tweezers             () liquid dish soap
   soup (not concentrate)*() antiseptic           () plain liquid bleach
() 1 can fruit*           () thermometer          () 1 box heavy-duty
() 1 can vegetables*      () liquid hand soap        garbage bags
                          () disposable hand wipes
                          () sewing kit

Also: extra plastic       Also: extra eyeglasses, Also: saline solution
baby bottles, formula     if needed.              and a contact lens case,
and diapers, if needed.                           if needed.

TO DO                     TO DO                   TO DO

() Establish an out-of    () Place a pair of      () Send some of your
   state contact to call     shoes and a flash-      favorite family photos
   in case of emergency.     light under your bed    (or copies) to family
                             so that they are handy  members out of state
                             during an emergency.    for safekeeping.

WEEK 10                   WEEK 11                 WEEK 12


() waterproof portable    () 1 large can juice*   () anti-diarrhea medicine
   plastic container      () large plastic food   () rubbing alcohol
   (with lid) for            bags                 () 2 pr latex gloves
   important papers       () 1 box quick energy   () ipecac syrup and
() portable am/fm radio      snacks                  activated charcoal (for
   (with batteries)       () 3 rolls paper towels    accidental poisoning)
                                                  () children's vitamins

Also: blankets or         Also: sunscreen, if     Also: items for denture
sleeping bag for each     needed.                 care, if needed.
family member.

TO DO                     TO DO                   TO DO

() Make Photocopies of    () Store a roll of      () Take your family on a
   important papers and      quarters for            field trip to gas meter
   store safely.             emergency phone         and water meter
                             calls.                  shutoffs.
                          () Go on a hunt with
                             your family to find
                             a pay phone near home.

WEEK 13                   WEEK 14                 WEEK 15


() whistle                () 1 can fruit*         () extra flashlight
() ABC fire extinquisher  () 1 can meat*             batteries
() pliers                 () 1 can vegetables*    () masking tape
() vise grips             () 1 pkg paper plates   () hammer
                          () 1 pkg eating utensils() assorted nails
                          () 1 pkg paper cups     () "L" brackets to
                          () adult vitamins          secure furniture
                                                     to wall studs
                                                  () wood screws

TO DO                     TO DO                   TO DO

() Take a first aid/CPR   () Make a plan to       () Brace shelves and
   class.                    check on a neighbor     cabinets.
                             who might need help
                             in an emergency.

WEEK 16                   WEEK 17                 WEEK 18


() 1 can meat*            () 1 box graham         () "child proof" latches
() 1 can vegetables*         crackers                or other fasteners for
() 1 box large heavy-duty () assorted plastic        your cupboards
   garbage bags              containers with lids () double-sided tape or
() kleenex                () assorted safety pins    Velcro-type fasteners
() 1 box quick energy     () dry cereal              to secure moveable
   snacks (such as                                   objects.
   granola bars or

TO DO                     TO DO                   TO DO

() Find out if you have   () Arrange for a friend () Pack a "go-pack" in
   a neighborhood safety     or neighbor to help     case you need to
   organization and          your children if you    evacuate.
   join it!                  are at work.

WEEK 19                   WEEK 20                 WEEK 21


() 1 box large heavy-duty () camping or utility   () heavy work gloves
   garbage bags              knife                () 1 box disposable
() 1 box quick energy     () extra radio             dust masks
   snacks (such as granola   batteries            () screwdriver
   bars or raisins)                               () plastic safety

                          Also: Purchase an
                          emergency escape ladder
                          for second story bedrooms,
                          if needed.

TO DO                     TO DO

() Have an earthquake     () Find out about your
   drill at home.            workplace disaster

WEEK 22                   WEEK 23               WEEK 24


() extra hand-operated    () battery-powered    () large plastic food
   can opener                camping lantern    () plastic wrap
() 3 rolls paper towels      with extra battery () aluminum foil
                             or extra

Provided by: Jill Finlayson, 510-642-1258 Get Ready! 
Manager, UCPD Community Programs 
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