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  • Hi all, 

    Not sure if anyone will have an answer to this, but I can't find it online so far, and the DMV is not answering phone calls. 

    My husband and I just moved to Berkeley. We are trying to get CA drivers licenses, and change our voter registration to CA. 

    All the DMV resources explain how to do this pre-COVID: go to a DMV and take a written test.  But DMV is appt only now, and everything I'm finding suggests they are not taking new appointments. 

    I feel like I must be missing something, but can't figure it out... so thought there might be other parents who have run into this. 

    I read that you have to get a CA license within 10 days, but maybe that will be extended due to the lack of DMV facilities? 

    Thanks so much for any thoughts / support!


    Hello Jess,

    You do not need an appointment for the DMV.  I have gone to the Claremont branch twice so far for my license renewal and for my son to take the permit test. Both occasions, they have staff outside to offer assistance as well.  The line can get long, but both times it did not take more that an hour.  As for voting, you should be able to register here:  I hope this helps. 

    Welcome to Berkeley!

    You walk in. All the information is super conflicting (phone message does not match website & portions of the website are different than others). It took being on the phone for over an hour and speaking with two different DMV representatives to figure this out.

    We recently went to the Claremont DMV in Oakland to get my kids drivers permit. To make it easier, we completed the forms and uploaded all the documentation to the DMV site and specified the Claremont branch. You still have to bring all of the originals with you!  Once you complete all the steps, you’re issued a confirmation number and given a page to print that says to wait in the express appointment line. So while you don’t have a set appointment, you do get to join and much shorter and faster moving line. We waited about an hour total for him to get to the service counter and then the process moved very quickly because there really aren’t lines inside. 

  • Hello Wise Community,

    My 17-year-old daughter got her driver's license a little over 3 months ago. Legally, she cannot transport anyone under 20 until she turns 18 in September. She is a good kid and generally follows rules. However, she's pushing hard against this one, telling me that I am the only parent who expects her to follow this law. Her friend's parents allow them to transport friends if they clear who/when/where in advance. She is particularly pushing to drive a teammate on her school lacrosse team to a game for which a team bus is not available. In addition to the state law, the school has a rule that students are not to drive each other to school events regardless of age. 

    While I appreciate she (reluctantly and with hesitation) asked me about this, my instinct is to hold firm to both the school rule and the state law. Am I an outlier here?

    Stay firm. It is not worth the penalties from the DMV and from your insurance carrier if anything were to go bad. You are not the only parent who follows the law.

    Pretty sure your insurance would be void if she got in an accident. No way is it worth it. We have an almost 17-year old who will be getting his license soon and we will absolutely abide by this law.

    You are not the only one -- we enforced the one-year rule for our son, too. Got the same complaints from him. Still held firm. It's so important for them to have that time to learn and be comfortable with driving before adding other young people to the mix.