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  • Keeping Dog Poop out of my Trash Can

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    I live near a park.  Inevitably when I roll my trash can in, someone has already deposited a bag of dog poop.  Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the can were full and about to be emptied.  But I don't want that in my can for a week.  And at the bottom there is risk the bag could puncture and release poop onto my can.  Maybe some folks don't care.  It's a trash can.  But I do.  I hate that smell and it just grosses me out.  Any tips to prevent others from depositing their dog poop there?  I've tried just dumping it back out into the street hoping someone would take the hint but so far no luck.

    Please please please don't dump on the street, that is a terrible alternative and way worse than having a smelly trash can. It's a trash can, what is your expectation for how it should smell? Also, where else should it go? The person is being courteous enough to not leave it on the street and make your area dirty. Is your trash can near where you spend time? I have a dog and clean poop off my lawn into my trash can, but only spend 10 seconds near it when taking out my trash and it's done. Perhaps speak to the parks and rec department about getting more trash cans added to the park or move your trash can to a place where you aren't congregating.  

    Have you tried taping/writing/stenciling a note on the top of the bin asking people not to put in dog poop? It won't stop everyone, but it might give pause to the people who just thought, "Oh, a trash can, I'll throw away my trash here." I know when we're out walking my husband often puts litter he's picked up (no poop, though) in other people's bins as we pass so he doesn't have to carry it, and it wouldn't occur to him that they might not want it there unless he saw a note. (At least I'm glad to hear that some people are bothering to clean up after their dogs - but that's another issue!)

    I am a dog owner and I hate it when people put their dog poop bags in my just emptied trash can. I will never do it to someone else, but rather walk around with the poop bag until we get home or find a public trash can. So I sympathize with you. I doubt the person(s) who do it will see that the poop bag was dumped out, though. I think taping a note on your trash can might be more effective. Good luck!