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  • New to deer poop - help!

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    Hi everyone!

    We are new to a neighborhood where deer like to roam at night. Which is magical but also...messy. How do you landscape your front yards to discourage deer? Also, how should I remove deer poop? I've never had a dog so this is a whole new world to me!

    WildCare (in San Rafael) has references on living with deer. You could also call them and speak with a specialist for specifics.

    Basically, you have to plant foliage and plants that deer don't care for, but there is no 100% deer-proof garden unless it's surrounded with a very high fence. However, you can make the yard far less attractive with a little work.

    I don’t think you need to do anything. I have found their pellets generally aren’t anywhere I walk. I didn’t realize I should do anything about it. 

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Deer-proof gate - creative design and build

March 2012

I looked at the archives, but they are fairly old, and don't really address my particular need. We want an attractive, tall (to keep the deer out) custom-made gate for the end of our driveway into our backyard. Due to the steep slope of the driveway, a rather limited amount of space around the opening, and the need for both people/bikes and cars to go through at different times (I don't want to have to open and close a huge gate when I'm just walking through with my bike, but that needs to be an option for a car), I'm hoping to find someone who can come up with a creative solution, and build and install it. Ideally, we'd like to incorporate some of the wood and copper we happen to have left from previous projects, but at the very least the person must take an environmentally sensitive approach to design. R.K.

Carla Hall,, does beautiful custom metal work. She created a custom front screen security door for us, we're really pleased with the workmanship. She may be able to come up with a design for your situation. She works at The Crucible and has her own shop. She can be reached at carla [at] Jane

My friend is a wood and steel based artist and licensed contractor who may be a great fit for you. If you like his aesthetic ( I can attest to his skills as a contractor and a great listener who helps come up with workable solutions within a budget. He and his team did a great job reworking our shed and I've owned one of his custom chairs for many years with pleasure. Jesse Ososki #310-699-8684 Amanda

Thomas Banks is a builder and artist who has built several gates and fences using both new and recycled materials. He often uses google sketch-up so he can see how the design would work from multiple angles. Thomas has come up with highly creative solutions for a number of difficult projects. He's done a gate and studio at my house, and I've seen some of his other jobs that were pretty impressive. You can reach him at tommy.banks [at] or 978 5679 green and happy

We have really loved the work of Chris Romer. He is both skilled and creative. We have hired him for a couple of projects and both times were very happy with his work and felt he was very reasonable as well. His number is 917- 684-6807. Good luck! Dan

Check out Organic Ironworks. They do beautiful fences and gates as well as decorative panels for walls and fences. They are based in Santa Cruz, but they did some beautiful panels for our garden in Berkeley. Celise Clevenger is very creative and can surely design a completely unique and functional gate to meet your specifications. cynthia cynthia

Hi, We had a similar gate built in our driveway around the first of the year. Our requirements were much the same: must allow for occasional car access, with frequent regular access for people/bikes/garbage cans, high enough for privacy, and deadbolted for security. The person that did the job was Matt Hornby. He built a double gate, with a three foot frequent access door on one side and a five foot door on the other side. The larger door was mostly fixed but by pulling up the anchor pin it can swing open as well. Matt bought a variety of hardware for me to choose from. Matt built the gate in a style that matches the neighboring fence so it really fits right in. My wife and I are really happy with it and we've gotten many compliments on it. As well, Matt was really easy to work with and we collaborated well together. Contact Matt at matthornby72 at yahoo dot com. happy with my driveway fence

Feb 2007

We recently had about 100 feet of 6' deer fence built on our property. I met with several fence builders who seemed affable and experienced, but ultimately chose Jose Curiel. Recommended on BPN, Jose was punctual, flexible, and generous with his time and suggestions. We are so pleased with the job. His number (510)821-4270. Cheers Hilary