Coyote Risk for Outdoor Cats?

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April 2013

Hi there. I just bought a house in Berkeley Hills on Campus Drive. I have a cat who has traditionally been indoor/outdoor, but I'm awfully close to the hills, and I don't want her to meet a coyote. Any remarks on the safety of outdoor cats in these parts? thanks ZM

The hills of berkeley is cat paradise! let them enjoy. it's just as likely the cats will meet a raccoon, a dog, a car a skunk or ? more play

Welcome to the neighborhood! I live on Campus Drive and don't have a cat, but see several around, including my next-door neighbor's. In 13 years, I've never seen a coyote here, but lots of raccoons & deer. The rule of thumb seems to be to let the cats in at night, so they're not out when the creatures come around. sk8ma