Parent Q&A

  • Does anyone have experience converting a condo into a single family home in Berkeley? We have a home that is designated as a condo, even though it appears as a single family home. The reasoning behind this is unclear-- we were told that it was originally part of one lot with our next-door neighbor’s. The original owner divided it into two lots, with each lot designated as a condo. We maintain a separate lot from our neighbor, but an easement runs on one side of each home.

    Here are my questions. Has anyone encountered a similar issue? If so, were you able to convert it to a single family home? Could you share with me the process you went through with the City of Berkeley?

    Thank you.

    Call the City. It is highly likely that the lot did not meet the minimal lot size requirements at the time (currently 5000 sf, I think) or had another restriction (e.g., a lack of parking or access from the street) that disqualified it from being a single-family lot under the zoning at the time. That restriction might or might not still exist, so the answer could be different from what it was when the lot was first split--absolutely worth a call. They should be able to look up the history, see why it was not originally done as a single-family lot, and let you know if anything has changed.