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  • My daughter, who is a freshman at UCB, is having a tough time with computer science classes. If you know anyone familiar with Python and UCB CS curricula, please let me know. 

    Much appreciated,

    worried mom. 

    Look in the PBN reviews.  There's a excellent Python instructor who has been tutoring students for 10-15 years.  There are also a lot of online tutorials for Python.  It's one of the easiest languages to learn. 

    Several suggestions for her. Go to office hours with questions. Professors and GSIs are often lonely during office hours. Form a study group with other students. Students love to show off. When my daughter was in college she teamed up with a procrastinator. He helped her understand the material. She helped him get his work in on time. See if there are any local meetups for people who are learning Python. Meetups are usually a bunch of friendly people helping each other. She is dealing with people who have been coding since elementary school. She will do fine, but she will have to work at it.