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Commuting from Dublin: work in Oakland or SF?

Jan 2014

I am returning to work after a while home w my three LOs. Thankfully, I have a couple of job offers to consider, I will be starting my commute at the Dublin Pleasanton BART station and one job option is off the 19th St. BART exit in Oakland. The other option is off the Montgomery stop in San Francisco. The San Francisco job would pay around 10% more, but all other factors are pretty much equal. I know this is a highly subjective question, so I'm just asking, for the commuters out there that typically commute along this route, what would you do? I haven't commuted before so any input would be helpful. Thank you chrissy

All other things being equal, I'd take the job near 19th Street. You'll save about $68 a month in commute costs, but, more importantly, you won't have San Francisco Bay or the BART tube between you and home if (as happens with some frequency) there's a problem (like a medical emergency that shuts things down or a computer glitch or ... you get the idea). I'd also want to evaluate my other commute options, however. If there's good AC Transit service from SF and not from Oakland, then I might go with the Montgomery Street job. Good luck. AboutTheSame

I would say go for the San Francisco job. Your Bart commute will only be ten or so minutes longer daily, and you will make more money at a good job. Moreover, downtown SF is jammed with places to eat, new buildings, street art, etc. San Francisco Resident

I would not let the commute drive the decision, because commute into SF by BART is pretty easy. I've done it for 20 years now, 15 of them with a kid. The occasional problem in the Tube is not common enough or severe enough to make that the deciding factor, IMO. I'd probably take the higher-paying job, but really, you should go with whichever one you think will be a more pleasant environment. That matters more than anything. BART-er


Commuting to Pleasanton: from Berkeley or from SF?

Sept 2013

I have just been relocated to Pleasanton for work. As I did not have time to plan the best place to live I ended up renting an apartment in Pleasanton. Now that I have more time to make my move, I am seriously considering the option of living in SF or Berkeley (I'm 24 and I think any of these two cities would be nice for me). Do not know though the average commute time from Berkeley to P-town. In case of living in SF I was thinking on taking Bart and have my car parked at the Bart station on weekdays...any suggestion is much appreciated! Mike

Hi, I have been communiting from El Cerrito (Central Ave. Exit) to Pleasanton for years now. If you leave before 7am in the morning, it usually only takes about 35-40 min on the way there. If you leave after 8am, 80 is way more crowded and it could take me 20 minutes just to get down to the maze, so the trip is more like 45 to 50 min. Once you hit 580 East, it is reverse commute and usually smooth sailing from there. On the way home, there is usually no traffic on 580 West as reverse commute again, but getting back onto 80 and down the eastshore freeway to a Berkeley exit takes awhile. I would say the commute going home averages about 45 min. A lot will have to do with where in Berkeley you live. If you live in south Berekeley and can avoid most of 80, it will be much faster. (Highway 13 off of 580 is a great alternative to taking 80 if you find a place near there.) If you live somwhere in Berkeley where it takes you a long time to get to a freeway, that will add a lo t of time. Hope this helps. Sarah T.

It's good that you don't have to make a decision immediately, because you can and should wait until the BART strike either takes place or is averted in early October. If BART is going to continue in ongoing labor disputes, you could save yourself headaches by living in Berkeley so that you can drive to work if you need to. San Francisco-to-Berkeley-Commuter

Commuting to Pleasanton from where?

June 2009

I'm moving to the bay area in July and have spent the past several months exploring communities during weekly trips. I'm relocating for work, the office is in Pleasanton, however I'd prefer to live in SF or just over into the east bay. One of my primary concerns however is the commute. While it's a ''reverse'' commute, it still seems there are trouble spots that I'd like to avoid. With that, can anyone offer validation or advice on commuting from the following areas to Pleasanton. (FWIW, I'd prefer to have my commute be 45 mins or less.)

-Alameda: A very promising community for my needs (kids 4,6,8, decent schools, touch bit more affordable). Unknown is 1) Getting on and off the island, and 2) Seems the logical route is 880 to 238 however 238 appears to be at a stand-still at anytime of the day and from what I've been told, is under perpetual construction. Are there alternative routes? What would be my expected commute time Alameda to Pleasanton?

- El Cerrito/Albany/North Berkeley: Need to go through the maze on 580 E/W and just seems like every day that is a nightmare. Hour plus?

- San Francisco: I work with people that commute from SF and say it's about 45-50 minutes, however the X-factor seems to be where you live in SF. Any experience from people living in the Richmond or Sunset and having to come east?

Thanks, Looking for home

From North Berkeley - my husband has commuted to Pleasanton for the last 10 years - he takes surface streets (MLK) to 580, if you go before 8 a.m. it's not too bad. Time: approx 45 minutes. Return same way, approx 50 minutes. Get in the far right lane a mile or more before the 238 split. His occasional BART trip is at least 1 1/4 hour each way. Some employers offer a Commuter check for transit, otherwise you are looking at min 14K a year on your car mileage, not to mention gas, tires, etc. Those are the facts. Cathy

You are right, the 580 maze and the I80 stretch from the maze to El Cerrito takes way longer to navigate than it should. I live in Oakland and would love to visit Albany and North Berkeley more often, but just avoid that drive whenever possible, even though it often isn't that bad outside of commuting hours.

There are plenty of good neighborhoods in Oakland along Highway 13, including Montclair, Glenview, Redwood Heights (my neighborhood), and around Seminary Dr. The commute to Pleasanton, which I do occasionally, is quite easy, with few if any slowdowns. And it is also easy to hit 13 through the Caldecott as well as 580 west for non-work trips. And these neighborhoods rarely see anything like the crimes that make the news, thankfully. Bryan in Oakland

I'm sure you have your reasons for wanting to be in San Francisco, it is a world class city and all, but life with 3 kids in SF is expensive and has lots of hassles. Pleasanton is quite far out! If you are thinking of Alameda, why not go for Orinda/Lafayette or even Walnut Creek, Alamo, or Danville, or Pleasanton? If you must be West of the tunnel, how about Rockridge in Oakland or Elmwood or elsewhere in South/Central Berkeley. From there it is easy to go to Pleasanton on 24 and 680. Or Montclair, you could go down 13 and take 580 to Pleasanton. Commmuting from the Richmond or Sunset districts just to downtown SF is a pain, and adding on the commute to Pleasanton is really long. You are going to have to make this trip twice a day for a very long time. I'd make it easy on yourself. Bay Area Commuter

I commute from Alameda to Pleasanton. While there's usually a slow on 238, it's hardly ever a 'stand-still'. I can make it from Alameda to Pleasanton in 30 minutes most days. I do live close to the High street bridge, thus closer to 880 than many places in Alameda. Coming home, it's about the same. There's always a slowdown on 238 but in 10+ years of this commute, it's rarely worth trying an alternate route (580). It moves along and it's really only a couple of miles of slowness.

Another option from Alameda is to take BART to Pleasanton. When I time it well, it's about 45-60 minutes from either Fruitvale or Coliseum to Pleasanton (including walking/riding to my office near the station). Since it's a reverse commute, one can take a bike on BART. Oracle commuter

If you live in El Cerrito you can go ''the back way'' i.e. via San Pablo Dam Road, It's a pretty road that connects El Sobrante to Orinda. Then you pick up 24 to 680.

Still, though, it's a bit of a hike. What about Orinda or Lafayette? They're not really that much farther from SF than Albany or El Cerrito, but they're closer to Pleasanton. anon

I live in Pleasanton and commute to Oakland daily on BART. The train ride is supposed to be 30 min, but is often longer, so door to door ends up being at least 45 minutes. Like you, I would prefer to live in Alameda, Albany, Lafayette or SF - but we ended up in Pleasanton because it offers a very family-oriented community, good schools, and relatively more affordable homes. Since living close to work is such a boost for quality of life, I'd encourage you to consider Pleasanton.

If you're commuting to Pleasanton frome elsewhere you might want to find a home that allows you to use to BART. It's a much more reliable and relaxing way to commute than by car. To figure out how long the drive will take from specific destinations at various times of day/day or week try the Predict-a-Trip tool at Would Live in P-Town Instead of Commuting

I live in El Cerrito and have been commuting to Pleasanton for years now, about 35 miles each way. It is normally not a bad commute, but the commute changes depending on the time of day and year. If I get on the freeway before like 6:45am, it really only takes about 35 minutes. (My house and work are both pretty close to the freeway though and I live off of Central in the south part of EC, so this could vary.) If I don't get on the freeway until after 7:15am, it is much more crowded on 80 west, but once you get through the maze and on 580, there usually isn't any traffic after that, so the whole trip would be about 40-45 minutes. On the way home, there isn't any traffic until getting back to the maze and trying to get back on 80 east, which is usually stop and go anytime after 3pm, so the whole trip usually takes between 45-50 minutes. This is how it is right now, but it changes depending on the time of year... It is always busier during the school year and slower in the summer, except for the commute home on Thurs and Fri seems to be busy all year round on 80 (people trying to get out of town). It also takes longer during the winter months when it is dark and rains a lot, especially December, so that often will take 55-60 minutes to get home. The other thing that happens is that on the way to Pleasanton in the morning, the sun is really low in October and the winter months and gets in people's eyes going over the Dublin grade, so you have to add about 5-10 more minutes getting there during those months as it is usually stop and go up the grade. Also wanted to mention that the people who live in SF that work at my company take BART. Hope this helps. Sarah

I used to work in Pleasanton, and when I first got the job, I lived in Tiburon. That commute, needless to say, was hellish. Took me over 2 hours one day and I was in tears. HOWEVER: Get this. We eventually moved to Montclair and that was a 25-30 minute commute and very easy, all things considered. But what I was floored about was that we had actually been looking in Albany as a possibility of living there, and THANK GOD I DIDN'T. Because the commute through that I-80 corridor is AWFUL. As it is, my doctor is in Albany and it takes me 45 minutes usually to get to her office from Montclair. So by all means, avoid the 80 corridor.

Other things to consider - Pleasanton has a very nicely located BART stop. Is BART an option for you?

I think Alameda would be a long commute. Like living in San Francisco, it depends where you live on the island. On the other hand, don't let 238 be a deciding factor. While it's always clogged up, it's a short stretch of road. You get through it relatively quickly. There are also other routes through that area besides 238, if you learn your way around, to get to 580.

I'd lean toward Montclair - the schools are good through junior high and you'd have a fairly easy commute - 13 to 580. And it's pretty close to SF still and BART in Rockridge. --Former Haight resident now loving Montclair

Commuting to Pleasanton from N. Berkeley/El Cerrito

March 2004

I'm starting a new job in Pleasanton soon, and am wondering: a) How long does it really take to get there driving? b) How long does it really take to get there via BART (El Cerrito or North Berkeley to Pleasanton station)? c) When do you have to get to the El Cerrito and North Berkeley BART stations in order to get a parking spot? I'm positively dreading this commute, but must take this job. Any words of advice on how to survive long commutes, esp. while also having a toddler in daycare, would be greatly appreciated. anon

I've gone from El Cerrito to Pleasanton only on weekends, when BART is probably slower and driving is probably faster. But BART took about 70 minutes and driving about 40 minutes. On weekdays you must get to EC Plaza BART by 7:40 am (or after 10 am or pay for a reserved space) to get a parking place. Liz

I have commuted from Oakland to Livermore for the past six years, which is bit further but slightly less problematic than your proposed commute. My commute involes a bus from my house to BART, BART to Pleasanton, then another bus to my work. The total door-to-door time for me is 1 1/2 hours (one way). Although cumbersome, on the rare occasions that I opt to drive I usually regret it. Formerly a reverse commute, traffic is getting worse by the day as more companies relocate in the Tri-Valley area. While my primary motivation was initally to help lessen the load on the environment, since the birth of my son 3 years ago I have come to appreciate the relative quietude of public transportation, the down time to read that I would not otherwise have at home, the costs of daily driving as well as keeping out of the way of irrational motorists. My suggestion: if your new work place is located within walking distance of the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station take BART. Steve