Commuting from Alameda to Walnut Creek

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Commute from Alameda to Walnut Creek?

April 2014

Hello all, I am considering a move to Alameda island and wanted to know if anyone can give me an idea on what the commute would be like from Alameda to Walnut Creek. I would be driving during standard commute hours. My spouse works in SF and we are looking for something that will give us roughly equal commute times. Thanks! L

I live in Alameda and commute to Walnut Creek during the normal commute hours (as do 3 of my workmates). Now that the new bore has opened it has shortened the time considerably. Generally takes me about 35 minutes. My work mates who live closer to to an outlet (bridge or tube) manage the drive in about 25-30 minutes. It can take longer if the tube or bridge is really backed up.

My husband commutes to the City. He takes casual carpool or the ferry. Its about 45 minutes. Although for single drivers driving in its considerably longer.

Alameda is a wonderful community. Good luck.

Have you considered living right near SFGH? You could walk to work! Even though the Mission is one of the most competitive rental/purchase housing markets on the planet right now, why not try? Most of the area around SFGH is in the CTIP1 'golden ticket' zone for SF school enrollment. (Portrero is not, just enter any perspective adress into to make sure.) If you are in CTIP1, you will basically have your pick of any public school in the city. SFmom