College Advisor for an Athlete

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College Advisor for a high school athlete

July 2015

I've a ''raising'' senior who's taken a good cut at the whole college admissions process, have our schools identified, SATs etc., but we are thinking it would be good to get some help with essays and applications to make sure they hit the right tone.

I've contacted a couple recommended here but feel like it would be good to have some one who has experience working with athletes. Haven't found anyone with that experience yet. We've got some coaches/schools interested and we're in dialog with them but they all say ''you still have to apply'' and get in. We're not necessarily looking for scholarships (as the sport in question isn't one that gives lots of money) more of getting in the ''special admissions'' pile because a coach wants them.

Any recommendations?

DI or D2 athlete parent

I would srongly recommend Blanche Virk. She is highly experienced in placing athletes. Ben B

I can absolutely without hesitation recommend Anne Fuller. She is a college counselor who specializes in athletes. Whether you already have an offer or are just starting, she can jump in wherever you are in your process. When my daughter decided she wanted to try to get recruited, Anne helped us with everything we needed to do. She advised us on everything from identifying schools/programs, writing letters to coaches to get a foot in the door, and communicating and negotiating with them. She really knows her stuff and is good at talking to teens too She is nothing short of awesome and helped my daughter get into her first-choice college. Her email is: annefuller [at]