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Daycare is asking me to bring shoes for baby

May 2009

My baby has been wearing pedipeds originals and now that she is walking, her daycare is asking for shoes that will protect her feet from being run over with a bicycle, wagon etc.(the pedipeds are completely soft like a sock). They also have several different surfaces such as tambark, rocks, gravel, grass etc. They are asking for at least the pediped flex style shoes and I want to keep her in the orignal style. Am I being unreasonable? mom

Yes, I think you are probably being unreasonable. Daycare providers are responsible (both morally and legally) to ensure that the children under their care are physically safe, and one of the ways they must do this with children who are walking is to protect their feet from dangers in the environment (bikes, wagons, adults who do not happen to see the child, etc.). Socks (or shoes that are just like socks) are not enough to do this. Think of it this way -- would you be upset if your child's feet were injured by someone stepping on them, or by a wagon being pulled over them? If the answer is yes, you need to get protective shoes. Karen

If you don't care if she comes home with a broken toe, (and if you won't hold the daycare responsible) then no, you are not being unreasonable. anon

Jeez. YES, you are being unreasonable. The daycare has been clear with you that your daughter's safety is the reason they want her to have harder shoes. Why are you refusing to listen? Do you want her to come home with a toe smashed from being in the way of a tricycle? I would be so annoyed with you if I was her daycare provider.

Yes, you are being unreasonable. Would you walk down the street in Pedipeds? Guess what, your child can walk now. Despite what the soft shoe people say, your baby's little feet will not shrivel and fall off if they have a thick sole. Pediped Flex look perfect. anon

Yes, you're being unreasonable, and putting your child's feet in danger. Just find some harder shoes you really like (try the Stride Rite store) and have her wear those at school. She can wear the Pedipeds the rest of the time. The school has these rules for good reason, and they can't keep your daughter safe without your cooperation. Berkeley mom

You didn't mention why you have a strong preference for your baby to keep wearing her current shoes, but I think this might be an area where it would be OK to compromise a little. No daycare is 100% perfect for any given child, and sometimes you will need to make small compromises for group child care if you otherwise are happy with the child care. (There are probably 10- 15 tiny things I would change about my kids' daycare if I were in charge, things that would better suit my family's lifestyle, but those tiny things are miniscule in light of the overall warm and loving and attentive care they give to my kids. So I don't worry about them. Besides, if I switched daycares it would be 10-15 new things at the new place.)

It sounds like the daycare providers are genuinely concerned about your daughter's safety, and their argument seems reasonable. I myself would not want to walk over rocks/gravel in just socks, and babies' feet are even more tender than adults'. I think it's OK to buy the new shoes, and I suspect that in a few months time it won't feel like a big deal to you anymore. Take care.