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Re: Yoga Class in El Cerrito

May 2004

Re: Yoga Class in El Cerrito
On San Pablo Avenue and Central Avenue, there is a Bikram Yoga studio, adjacent to Suhaila Salimpur's Dance Class studio.

I'd like to second the recommendation for the new Bikram yoga studio on San Pablo in El Cerrito (kitty corner from Burger King). My husband has been taking classes from the owner and teacher, Mary, for a couple years now, first at her former studio in Orinda, and now in the new facility in El Cerrito. She is a fabulous teacher, and he always comes home VERY glad he went to the class--tired and sweaty, but feeling great. Heidi

Hi I take Bikram Yoga classes at Funky Door Yoga on Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley. There's also a Bikram Yoga studio on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito. There are people of all ages and body shapes in my classes. And yoga requires so much concentration that everyone in the class should be focused on themselves and not on you!

Bikram is a series of the same poses done in a 90 minute period in a very hot room. Don't let this scare you. The heat is great for people who have a hard time stretching. And on your first class, your goal is simply to stay in the room. If you have to take lots of breaks and watch your classmates, the teacher is OK with that.

For your first class, do not eat two hours prior to class. Wear what you would wear to the beach. Swim shorts are fine. At Funky Door, they have a towel and mat available for free at your first class. Or you can also bring your own. They have a special of one month of unlimited yoga for just $29. Be sure to drink plenty of water before you come to class. You can bring a bottle of water for class, you can purchase water and sports drink at the studio.

Good luck in your yoga search. There are so many types of yoga in the Bay Area that I am sure you will find the type that's right for you! Namaste! Bikram Yoga Fan

July 2003

Re: Acupuncturists for Carpal Tunnel? (July 2003)

You did mention you are interested in ''other alternatives'' to surgery also. Several people I know have found relief for severe carpal tunnel by doing Bikram yoga (''hot'' yoga done in a heated room). Being a very nervous first-time nursing mom, I also had extreme pain in my wrists (but didn't have time to go to the doctor, so I don't know if I had carpal tunnel problems or not) which this yoga helped considerably. There are several positions in particular that are very helpful for wrist and arm problems. The yoga can be quite athletic, although anyone of any age and any ability and flexibility level can benefit (Even my aunt with scleroderma found some relief by going to class in the heated room and moving as much as she could). I have been going to studios in Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda and Walnut Creek since 1998. Try it; it is great for you and addictive (even though the heat is somewhat overwhelming the first time you go). See the following websites for more information:

  Orinda/Walnut Creek: Berkeley: Oakland: In general: