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    I am looking for a nutritionist, and if possible, with an athletics focus for my teen son who is a high school wrestler. He loves the sport and is very dedicated, which is great. However, if any one is familiar with the sport, weight is a major part of the sport, which is always a concern of mine. Additionally, my son has gotten all sorts of advice about weight "management" from fellow teen wrestlers...and as you may imagine, this advice is not always helpful. Meanwhile, my son is pretty typical growing teen, with very little fat to spare, and I don't want him restricting his diet. I need an outside (meaning not from me, his mom) voice of a professional, who is good with teens, to help him navigate this not-so-great aspect of wrestling. We are in Marin, but would be willing to travel to SF or the east bay. Thanks so much in advance!

    I don't have advice, but your post sounded like it was about my grandson.  He is slender and muscular, but to wrestle in the weight devision that is best for him he has to keep taking his weight down.  I really question the impact on his metabolism long term.  When he is cutting weight, he eats mainly protein and vegetables and some kind of blended health drinks.  Sometimes he doesn't have the energy level he needs.  He is really passionate about the sport.

    Hello teen wrestler parent.

    i am mom to a wrestler who is now 24. My son began competing in the sport his freshman year of high school, continued through college and now wants to train with the mixed martial arts guys. there is a long history of the sport in my ex's side of the family, grandfather began the high school wrestling program in the 80's and my sons father took over in the 90's and continued until 4 years ago when he passed away(not from wrestling).    I completely understand your concerns about the cutting weight part .  My son has greatly progressed from the grueling days of the hard cut to make weight, to a more manageable lifestyle of eating right, working out correctly and keeping his weight down. HE is by no means a doctor, or a nutritionist but an avid athlete with a ton of experience to share. HE is currently in training mode, similar to a wrestling season, making him in tip top shape. IF you are not contacted by a professional, you are welcome to email me back and I could put you and your son in touch with my son.  SOmetimes just having an experienced athlete explain the ins and outs of the sport can be tremendously helpful in terms of getting what your son is vying for; a spot on the team, strong sportsman like ethics and many pins without the agony of weight loss.

    Your email resonated with me because over the years, each new season the apprehensive parents come forward because they don't know. GOod for you for knowing you don't know, and for trying to help your son suceed.  Wrestling is generally filled with upstanding kids, families and coaches who care.

    i can be reached at skatermom29 [at] att.net if you would like further input or information. Good luck

    To Wrestling with Diet:

    Have you tried through your own health insurance carrier? We belong to Kaiser and were offered a nutritionist when we had some concern about eating issues with our teenager. They'd work together with a pediatric nurse. If money is no object, try reaching out to any of the professional teams here in the bay area and asking to be connected with the team sports doctor. They can then refer you to a practitioner that best suits your needs.  Good Luck.

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Wrestling for college rugby player daughter

Nov 2011

My college-age daughter/rugby player wants to improve her tackling skills and thinks that learning/practicing wrestling might help. Are there any groups/classes out there during December (winter break) for this 20-year-old wanna-be warrior?

Gosh, kudos to your daughter for seeking out some cross- training. My son has been going to the East Bay Judo Institute for almost two years now. I didn't know anything at all about Judo or wrestling before we joined this little warm and welcoming community. I've learned that Judo is wrestling. There is no hitting or kicking. They also spend a whole lot of time learning how to fall. It's really quite amazing. It's become ingrained in my son's little body cells. He has fallen so many times and either caught the fall or protected himself the Judo way. It's kind of hard to explain. One of the long time instructors/black belts once shared how learning to fall was the most valuable thing that he's learned. He shared how he was playing basketball and had a fall that would have a very serious skull fracture (or something), but he saved himself due to his Judo skills. I think that Judo is also great for learning self esteem, confidence, and self defense. What I like about our little dojo, is that it is not about making money. The instructors are all black belt volunteers who are world class athletes. My son is being trained by an Olympian and once worked out with the World Judo Champion! My daughter will be starting, when she turns 5. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. judy

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My 12 year old has a big interest in wrestling, ju-jit-su, and all things that involve rolling around on a mat. I have heard from a few people that there are some junior wrestling programs around, one in Walnut Creek and another in Oakland, and I would love to learn more but can't figure out where they are (we already know about a lot of the ju-jit-su out there). He doesn't play any team sports, but is very athletic, and I'd love to get him involved in something that he can also carry through into high school when he's older. Thanks for any recommendations! Tara

My 11 year-old son started judo a couple of months ago. He LOVES it, and my husband, who was a high school wrestler, gets a real kick out of seeing our son take on this discipline. I enjoy seeing this group of very smart, articulate kids who are getting their chance to grapple, throw each other, sweat and wrestle. Hanabi Judo in Albany is the place, and we see family after family join and appreciate the atmosphere there--the teacher/sensei is a father of three, and he is clear, firm, and loving. It's a place of excellence with great joy and support. I have never seen my son more engaged in an activity. A Brand New Judo Enthusiast

Wrestling Camp for 7 year old?

June 2011

Hi, Does anyone know of any organization that offers wrestling or tackle football for grade schoolers? I am looking for a wrestling or tackling camp (or on-going classes)for a very physical (yet anxious) 7 year old. My son is built like a linebacker and loves to wrestle. After trying for years to guide him into sports and activities I'D rather he do (martial arts, music, capoeira, yoga, soccer, baseball), I've finally realized that he has his own interests and that maybe I should channel that need to tackle and wrestle into a something formal, where he can gain confidence about something he's natural good at. Any suggestions? Nothing in BPN archives.... Wrestling with Wrestling

Hi! We, like you were looking for a program for wrestling for our three boys and found it out in Concord ( I don't know where you live- we live on the east side of the tunnel- so it's closer to us). It's called the Community Youth Center and I have not found anything like it anywhere in the Bay Area. My boys have been attending regular wrestling classes there for the past 4 years and it is our favorite place to go. The coaches are top notch- most of them were/are olympic wrestlers and they all coach the nations top wrestling program at De La Salle in Concord. They are very good with every age group and only do things which are appropriate for the age group. They offer a camp for wrestling in the summer- which is incredibly reasonably priced plus regular weekly classes every afternoon. The monthly tuition is crazy low- like what you would pay for one class elsewhere- but your child could go every day if he or she wanted or were able.

It is a community center (it's huge- three large warehouses filled with equiptment) that offers gymnastics, dance, tae kwon do, as well as an 2 academic rooms (one for the littles and one for the big kids) and is really an amazing place. They do not, however have A/C- and if you've ever been out in Concord in the summer, you know it can heat up! My kids have always been ok with the heat, and the coaches are really good about taking water breaks every 15 min. love the CYC