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Where to Learn Web Design Skills

March 2012

I am trying to find a class or program where I can learn to create websites. I would like to learn Druple and other web design programs and don't know where to start. Any recommendations? Thanks! Looking for a new career

Start with Classes in all the design-related applications you could possibly want. A great place for both beginners and pros. I've also taken classes online via local community colleges - but found they also use classes as part of the curriculum! You could also google ''where to learn drupal in sf bay area'' - some realistic options come up. Ellen

Learning web design skills can be broken down into two categories: the user experience design component and the technical design component. The user experience component involves crafting the look and feel of a website. Skills to learn include user interaction design, page layout and graphic design. Some programs that are used in this area include Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver, so you'll need to look into classes that teach how to use these programs as well. The technical design component involves building out the website as designed, making the actual website look and behave as a designer has specified. Skills to learn include HTML, CSS and Javascript. Since each of these skills are types of code, you don't have to learn how to use too many programs, you just have to be familiar with simple text editors and file transfer tools.

Unfortunately there are no all-in-one classes that I know of. Classes that focus on visual design rely exclusively on Dreamweaver to build websites. These classes do not sufficiently teach a beginner the best ways to design and build websites. Classes that focus on code rarely include graphic design principles that are essential to creating a well designed website.

I don't know of any classes that teach Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, or any other website management tools. There are lots of online tutorials for each of these tools. Some of the tutorials focus on how to use and administer a site managed by these tools. Others focus on customizing the templates that the tools use to create the individual pages of a website (this is front-end code that includes HTML and CSS).

I have taught a class at Laney College that focused on designing and building websites. Lectures included user experience design methodologies and some technical aspects including learning HTML and CSS. But the class has not been offerred for over a year due to bureaucratic and budgetary issues. I am hopeful that the class will be restored to the schedule by this coming fall semester. The class is GRART 115 Web Site Design and is part of the Graphic Art curriculum at Laney College.

Where to learn how to create web applications?

Aug 2011

I'm a non-programmer looking for the best place to take a class that will teach me how to create web applications using primarily JavaScript. My work requires that I start creating .NET apps using SQL Server databases, the EXT.NET UI framework, and other assorted APIs and web services. I'm looking for a local class, or online resource, which would give me a good understanding of JavaScript syntax and functions. My goal is to be able to read sample code and understand what is going on enough so I can modify the code for my purposes. I'm also looking for instruction in using debuggers efficiently so I can trouble shoot my tweaks and get them to work. Thanks! anon

You may want to take a look at , they are a tech hotspot in Oakland that provide many classes James

Classes in web site management

March 2000

I am a from a non-engineering background ( Bus and Econ) and am curious to find out where I could take a few classes - or just one- on WEB SITE MANAGEMENT, which would give me a good idea of web server issues as well as web site functionality, i.e, sort of a manager's view of having a web site which would let me understand better the issues which need to be addressed - and the investments involved... Any suggestions on Universities, schools,or online courses with good programs? If you know of more hands-on,technical, how to design and run a web site classes, please let me know as well. I may need to get into the specifics in the end. Thank you C

I teach in three such programs; below are descriptions of each, but I'd suggest picking up their catalogs or checking their websites and seeing which might actually be for you. FWIW, I've also written two books for website managers, Webmastering for Dummies and Small Business Solutions for E-Commerce. The Dummies book has the flaw of being older (published in '97) but is still popular; the E-Commerce book is written for companies with as many as 250 employees but has good business information gleaned from my work with larger companies as well. I know of no other books that address the issues you mention from a purely management perspective, though there are many that address management of technologies. Both books are available via my website at or from Amazon. Anyway, here are the three programs:

* UC Berkeley Extension has a Webmaster certificate program with several tracks depending on the level of technical depth you want to pursue. The introductory course, which I teach, is an overview of website management and is taught in a non-technical style.

* San Jose State University has an E-Commerce Management certificate program with all courses geared toward managers and executives. I teach two courses there (content development and staffing) and while the whole program is for managers, I'm not sure any individual course in it is going to address server issues, which you mention as one of your areas of interest. My content course deals with making strategic decisions re what to offer on your site, how to present it, and how to manage the content, including site architecture, all based on your business goals.

* San Francisco State University's Multimedia Studies program has several website management classes; I teach content dev't and e-commerce in their four-month intensive. This is a more hands-on program than those at SJSU and UCB. Hope this helps. Good luck. Brenda