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  • Music Classes for Queer or Trans Teens

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    Does anyone know of any music classes specifically for LGBTQ+ teens? I have a transgender nonbinary kid who is very musical and would love to be with other LGBTQ+ teens. TIA!

    =) Barbie

    Hi Barbie,

    My 17-year-old trans son has had a great experience with Eli Conley, a singer/songwriter who works with LGBTQ+ teens. My son has been taking voice lessons (first in person, then virtual) with Eli for several years. Eli is a great teacher who has a lot of experience working with trans voices, and my son had a lot of fun and learned a lot from him. I know Eli is offering a songwriting class specifically for queer and trans teens that I'd recommend checking out! 

    Eli's website is :)

    Hi Barbie,

    Young Musicians Chorus, though not specifically for LGBTQ+ teens, is a place where trans kids are well-liked and respected in an atmosphere where really cool, generally challenging music binds the everyone in the group together. Check out this song they assembled at the start of the pandemic to support a couple of their trans kids last year: Warrior  They've gotten together online during the pandemic, but will hopefully be meeting in person again at St. Alban's come fall. 

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Instrumental Music Outside of Middle School

March 2012

We are considering a small private middle school for my son, and it does not offer a formal instrumental music program. He has enjoyed playing trumpet in 4th and 5th grades, and would like to continue to play in a group setting. Do you know of any bands or group classes? Middle School Music Seeker

Hi Middle School Music Seeker! I strongly recommend you to check out The Crowden School of Music. I am a parent of a 7th grader, who joined the school in 6th grade. The school is primarily a string program (e.g. violin and such), our son is a pianist, but he also plays the drums and the guitar, which they also nurture very actively. Therefore if your son is musically inclined I would say that you won't find any other program that can be as strong both in the music and the academics. I'd be glad to tell you more about it!!! Nestor