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Oct 2014

Re: What sleep away camp did your child LOVE?

My daughter LOVED surfing sleep-away camp in Santa Cruz. You sign up for a week at a time at the KOA down there. She's done it two years in a row (when she was 12 and 13), and there tends to be more boys than girls, but that didn't matter to her. Here is the link: anon

Surfing Lessons Teen Girl

Nov 2013

Seeking a group lesson or individual instruction for my 14 year old daughter who has a real aptitude for surfing. Also, can you recommend good teen surf camps?. Any suggestions? anonymous

There are many options to choose from, almost too many to easily list here. For lessons, I'd suggest you google: ''girls surf lessons Bay area'' or ''surf lessons Bay area.'' For camps, there are both day camps and overnight camps, so I'd google ''girls surf camps Bay area'' or ''girls overnight surf camps Bay area'' or ''girls overnight surf camps California'' for a variety of options, both near and farther away. Good luck! Surfer ''Maja''

Looking for surf lessons or camp in San Diego

March 2011

My kids (ages 9 and 12) and I are novice surfers...been twice in Hawaii...and are looking for recommendations for places in San Diego to take multi-day lessons or a camp this summer. Also, how's the ocean water temperature in San Diego in August? Are wetsuits needed? Thanks. likes the ocean

WooHoo!!! Mission Bay Aquatic Sports is THE camp for water sports in Mission Bay. They've been doing it forever and it's all a water sports loving young person could ever want. Call them and they'll send you a syllabus and get you going. Some days it's warm enough; some days they'll want to wear a wetsuit or half wetsuit. Have a fabulous time, young one! Jill

2005 - 2009 Reviews

Surf Camp for a Teenager?

April 2007

My teenage son is interested in a surf camp this summer. Any recommendations? He's surfed before, Hawaii and Santa Cruz, so he knows what's involved. Is there a sleep-away surf camp for teenagers near Santa Cruz or anywhere else approximately the same distance from Berkeley? I found camps in San Diego, Costa Rica, but this is pricier than I had in mind. thanks
surfer dude's mom

Paskowitz Surf Camp in San Clemente is terrific. It's family run, been around for years, has mixed age groups, and the instruction is superb. My teenage son loved it (and he's picky, believe me) -- as did our family doctor! Leela