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Square Dancing in Berkeley?

Jan 2009

My in-laws just moved to Berkeley. They love to square dance but have not found a place to dance locally. Walnut Creek has a dance hall, but it's a bit of a drive. They are in their late seventies. Any recommendations? Kris

the ashkenaz has occasional square dances--they also have them for kids once a month. the caller, evie laden, is great. www.ashkenaz.com i think there is also contra dancing, which is close, in berkeley. anon

Ashkenaz, on San Pablo across from REI, periodically has some square dancing. Also, you could try contacting Evie Ladin (evie [at] stairwellsisters.com). She teaches clawhammer banjo and does square dance calling and keeps a calendar of where square dances are happening in the area. Old-time banjo enthusiast

How about Alameda? I've just seen this listed in our local paper and don't know anything about it. http://www.elksndoes.com/301.html Signed, Haven't square danced since 4th grade

Ashkenaz on San Pablo across from REI has square dancing at least once a month- they also have a lot of cajun/zydeco dancing if they are into that. You can see their calendar online at www.ashkenaz.com/html/calendar.php It is a great place where the focus is on dancing every night! Dancin' girl

I think your in-laws would enjoy Berkeley Folk Dancers. (http://www.berkeleyfolkdancers.org/) They meet four nights a week at Live Oak Park. Square dances are only a part of their repertoire, but the people are friendly and Tuesday night is beginner night in case your in-laws want to learn some new styles: English sets, circle dances... Contact information for the beginnner night is on the website under Weekly Schedule. Deborah