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Salsa Dance Teacher for Four Left Feet

Oct 2007

Can anyone one recommend a salsa dance teacher near Albany / El Cerrito for myself and my husband? Neither one of us dance AT ALL and are looking for a nonjudgmental, kind teacher to give us some private lessons and then hopefully we will brave a class with other people! Thanks! four left feet

There are two Cuban dance teachers in your area who are excellent and give private as well as group lessons. They are an excellent fit for a ''nonjudgmental, kind teacher''. Manuel Suarez 510-526-4189 Royland Lobato 510-467-9423
Have fun and good luck. Anonymous

Your teacher should definitely be Gale, the owner of the DancEasy studio in El Cerrito, San Pablo Ave across from the El Cerrito Plaza shopping mall. Salsa night once a week. You will be very pleased with her. Call 510-524-9100. This is where I started out 5 years ago. Moved on to Allegro and Cafe Cocomo since then. Heike

Laurie Ann Lepoff can teach anyone to dance. Her business is Social Dance for Shy People and Klutzes. You can see more at, or call her at 510-444-4621. Talia

You need to call LaurieAnn Lepoff! She specializes in just this type of dance instruction and is an AMAZING teacher! LaurieAnn can help people with two left feet, reluctant dancers, even people who can't hear the beat and don't think they ever will! She firmly believes anyone can learn to dance and she has a proven track record of making it happen. Give LaurieAnn a call at (510) 444-4621 or check out her website: Best of luck! kamila

Beginning salsa lessons in the East Bay

Oct 2005

I'm seeking a recommendation for a beginning Salsa dance class in the Berkeley, Albany / El Cerrito area---either group lessons or possibly private, depednng on the cost. I'm not interested in a one time lesson, but onging classes. Thanks for any suggestions. Batya

Salsa - my favorite subject! Most places offer a lesson with a dance party thereafter, which I highly recommend for the following reasons: Dance lessons will teach you dance steps and sequences, but these are no more than plain exercises if you just do them with the same partner in the same order. Dancing means learning how to follow as a woman and leading well as a man and dancing with lots of different people will teach you that. Ever had the dream to sweep with someone across the dance floor and magically move in synch without preconceived choreography? It's not magic, it's focus - but it feels magical! Do lessons and dance parties together from Day 1. Based on this ''philosophy'' let me recommend the places in order of suitability:

1. Allegro Ballroom in Emeryville, Sundays from 7pm-whenever, $10. They have website. Hottest spot! Best dancers. People come up from San Jose just to dance salsa there. Isabelle is the best local female salsa teacher! (She teaches as Gary's partner, but she is the real thing.)

2. Club Maiko's in Berkeley (San Pablo @ Virginia), Saturday nights, $12 on band nights, $10 on DJ nights. Teacher is Joseph Gallardo - the most charismatic male salsa teacher in the East Bay. Check out (He also teaches at The Beat in Berkeley on Friday nights, Concord and Antioch on other days).

3. The DanceEasy in El Cerrito (San Pablo) is another choice for Friday night salsa (they have a website), but it is a very small venue and I got bored with it very fast.

4. There is also Cafe Monteros in Albany (San Pablo @ Solano) offering Friday and Saturday night salsa. Even after their remodel I won't set a foot in there. I have no idea how they cram in a band, a lesson and dancers in this tiny space. (Room for 8 dancers?)It would be more of a loud listening than fun dancing experience. But they do have lessons.

Once you're hooked and advanced, you want to branch out into the city. I keep Allegro and Maiko's for the East Bay, but for the city the real gems are the Glaskat on Tuesday (website) and Cocomo's on Thursdays (website - best dancers!). Cocomo's on Saturday is too crowded to enjoy. Sure there are other venues, such as Jillian's and Roccapulco - but they have more of a dating/couple ambiance, which I don't like. I suggest you also check out which keeps you up on events/workshops etc.
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