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  • Russian for a 6 year old

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    Hi folks, do any of you have experience with Russian language programs in the East Bay?  I know there's a Russian Berkeley School, and then there's a place called Krugozor.  Would love to hear from someone whose kids are going to either of those now, either to afterschool or day school.  I have a 6 year old daughter who is pretty much fluent and is starting to write in Russian on her own.  I don't want to commit to weekly lessons, although I'd consider that.  But, I'd love to take her to a Russian style social event or celebration, or have access to a network of families with kids who speak Russian.

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    If you use Facebook, there is a group called Russian-speaking East Bay. You’ll find lots of options for formal language classes, social/cultural experiences, and informal play dates by searching through the posts. 

  • Russian classes for kids

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    I am looking for a Russian class for my (almost) 11 year old daughter. She speaks "heritage Russian," but is deficient in both vocabulary and grammar. I know about the Berkeley Russian School, but the tuition is too high for us. Are there any more affordable options for children's Russian classes in the East Bay? 

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    Berkeley Russian School has a Scholarship Program that you can apply for. 

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Russian Language Class For Kids?

Nov 2008

I am a Russian speaking Mum who has two smalls kids and an English speaking husband. I am trying to get my 4.5 yr old daughter to speak Russian, but I am failing. Does anyone know of a Russian class for kids or may be someone will be interested in getting together a few kids with similar situation and sharing a private teacher? elena

Please come to the Berkeley Russian School. You can look at the web site or call the director Yelena Glikman at (510)526-8892. There are a lot of families with kids similar in age to yours where only one parent is a native Russian speaker. Classes meet on Wednesdays in the afternoon and Saturday mornings. yulia

Summer camp for newly-adopted Russian 8 yr-old

April 2007

I just received the thrilling news that I can go to Russia to adopt my new son in April. Since I'll be stuck there for more than a month, we won't be home till late May, which means there's no point in enrolling him in school this year anymore. Keeping in mind that he doesn't speak English (or will just be learning then) what camps would you recommend? He's also had less schooling than American kids, so it can't be anything involving academics, either. I live in Oakland, work in Berkeley. Please drop me a line by email. Thanks so much. Monica

Berkeley Russian School runs summer camps in Russian. Russian Center of SF on Suttter and Divisadero offers classes & enrichment activities (academic, dance, etc.) in Russian. Maria

Russian classes for adults


I'm seeking Russian language classes (or possibly a tutor for 2 adults) for adults in the East Bay (used to be available thru UC Extension and Albany adult school, but no longer). Thanks!- Roxane

A few years ago I sought the same & contacted the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at UCB. They maintain a list of graduate students (many of whom are native speakers of Russian) who are available for tutoring. I found a great tutor and brushed up on my Russian conversational skills after many years of neglect. Strastvuyte! Eileen