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January 2002

Re: Troubled daughter has stopped going to school
This is a reply to the lady inquiring about Wilderness Therapy for her daughter: This may be an interim solution but one you can access rather quickly. Why not try and have your daughter do the Deer Hill Ranch ropes course program in Lafayette? Perhaps you could tell her about it under the guise of something fun to do and have some of her friends come too. Our facilitators are trained in psychology, make the experience really fun and most importantly, the kids who participate learn that their locus of control rests within them and that they can choose to respond rather than react to what others say or do. The experience is very empowering and the fact that the course is on a farm helps kids alot who need help with control issues. (We also have them interact with gentle farm animals who give so much back. One thing that works really well is to have kids hold a chicken in their lap, feel it's warmth, gently stroke it and understand that they are the ones who are making it feel safe by their gentle actions. This works amazingly well for kids from 4-18!) Anyway, you are welcome to call our office at 925-283-1197 to learn more about our ropes course programs. Hope this helps, A fellow mother

Jan 2002

Hi -- Does anyone out there have information about ropes courses in the immediate area? Funds are very limited so I will have to hit a medium between price and quality. The group is about 70 sophomores. Thanks in advance. Flora Russ

To Ms. Russ-- A few years ago my son was part of the Language Exchange Program and for several years running they went to a ropes course w/ BHS ESL students. -Winifred

Ropes Course: I've noticed a small ropes course in Strawberry Canyon, just up from the pools. I don't know anything more about it, though. I suspect it is a UC facility. liz

Strawberry Canyon offers one. My daughter did it with her group of Junior girls on a Sun. afternoon and said it was good (she did another one in Santa Cruz). ~Chris

to Flora Russ, regarding local ropes courses: I believe that the Marin Jewish Community Center, in San Rafael, has one on-site. asa

reply to Ms. Russ re Ropes Courses.
Deer Hill Ranch, in Lafayette, has a great ropes course and skilled staff members. It's on a farm which also makes it really fun for teens. Their website is