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    Interested in learning Qi Gong especially in person outdoors. Was taught some Eight Brocades in a retreat recently and hoping to continue in the Berkeley area.

    Thanks in advance!

    If you are in Berkeley, chances are you could get to the Wen Wu School, on San Pablo Avenue near Central, for classes.

    They are the flagship instructors of Dayan ("Wild Goose") style qi gong, which I have practiced every day since 2014, with amazing results.

    Alternatively, you can learn qi gong Energy Matters on Piedmont Avenue.  I don't know whether they are back to in-person classes yet. Gail Whang is my favorite teacher there.

    In my neighborhood in Oakland, there is an informal practice group that meets daily in Dimond Park  at 8:30 a.m.  However, to make the most of your practice, it is best to take the training 1x or 2x per week for about 15 months. Some people learn the first set more quickly, but that is a typical learning curve. It is easy to pick up Eight Brocades after you know Set I.  But you really get the best workout from Set II.

    During July and August of most years, there is a 7 a.m. Saturday practice in Codornices Park that draws practitioners from all these groups.



    A family friend of ours,Dr. Liping Zhu, who has more than 15 years of experience teaching  Qigong at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM )and  Qigong and Herbs at San Francisco State University (SFSU), is currently teaching some Qigong classes via Zoom.https://www.qidragonschool.com/p/monday-night-qigong-zoom-meetings


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2008 - 2013 Recommendations

Qi gong classes in Berkeley or Albany

April 2011

I am looking for a recommendation for a good Qi Gong class - preferably the Wild Goose method. Clearly I am a beginner, so something suitable. This would be for myself and husband. Not our children - yet! Shauna

Ojas Yoga Center, located in the El Cerrito Plaza, above Trader Joes, offers a Qigong class by Sanghi Choi on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:00. I usually attend the yoga classes at the studio, but have gone a couple of times to Qigong when my schedule allows. Sanghi is very welcoming and easily transitioned me into the movements, (a complete novice) working with various levels in her class. The studio is having an open house on April 30 and May 1, from 1-5. There will be a Qigong class to sample on May 1 from 1-1:30, as well as many other classes to check out! www.ojasyogacenter.com #525-1369 Melissa
You'll find Wild Goose qigong on Monday nights, promptly at 6 pm at the Albany Senior Center. The class, taught by Charlene Leung, is lovely, as we learn the moves of this qigong practice, and do the form together. happy in qigong practice
March 2011

Re: A good Tai Chi class in English in N. Oakland
You might check out Kaiser Permanente. I know they have a Qi Gong class at the Oakland campus; not sure about T'ai Chi. My understanding of the difference (per the Qi Gong instructor a few years ago) is that T'ai Chi is more about muscle development along with the meditative martial art practice. Whereas Qi Gong focuses more on meridians and energies while doing the meditative, healing practice. One teacher dealt with serious back issues. Another found her carpal tunnel or wrist injury healed. The KP class also has a video available that helps with home practice. Perhaps check both forms out before making a decision. -Love the jasmine green tea at Qi Gong class

Good Qigong class?

Feb 2011

I am looking for a good qigong class-any recommendations?

I recommend Vicky Dellojoio who is an amazing Qigong Master. See her website at http://www.wayofjoy.com/classes.htm kaayla
Energy Matters on Piedmont Ave. has a great Qigong class schedule. www.energymatterseastbay.com 510-597-9923. I have been going to Energy Matters for acupuncture for a while and love this practice. I have several friends who attend the Qigong classes regularly and love it. Nina
I haven't yet checked it out, but there is a Qigong class out my church, St. Alban's in Albany. Information can be found here: http://www.st-albans-albany.org/home/events-1 Marcia
i'm LOVING the qigong class i am taking at kaiser oakland; non-kaiser members welcome. the teacher peggy dey, is from the wen wu school in el cerrito and is excellent. dayan qigong (wild goose) is the style. the 64 moves are taught in two eight week sessions. the next beginning session is in the spring, sign up early as it fills up. fee is very reasonable. (qigong also avail at kaiser fremont) www.permanente.net/homepage/kaiser/pages/d12901-top.html

this website lists local eastbay classes & open public practices. http://qigongclasses.info best of luck with your practice. ~qigong goseling

Sept 2010

Re: Tai Chi For Chronic Pain Issues
Consider QIGONG -- which is designed to improve health.

Qigong is a gentle practice (preceeded tai chi), with small movements to move the body's life-force (qi or chi). You can do the movements as well as you are able, and doing the movements in your mind is considered as beneficial as doing them on the ground.

Wild Goose qigong is offered in Albany, starting on Monday, Sept. 20, 6-7:30 pm at the Albany Community Center. The lovely teacher is Charlene Leung, M.S., Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist. You can sign up in advance or come to the first class at the Albany Community Center (Library), Marin and Masonic Aves, on Mon. Sept. 20 at 6 pm. merry

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

2003 & Earlier

Powerful Qi Gong Healer - Stroke

Sept 2003

Many years ago I knew a woman who experienced dramatic and positive effects from treatment by a Qi Gong master. She had had a stroke quite a few years prior to the treatment and began experiencing fluidity and dexterity that she hadn't had for years. That master was visiting from China during that time. I now have a friend in the same boat. Can anyone recommend a powerful healer in this area? I have seen the listings for acupuncturists, and she will check out some of them. Any additions? Letitia

Try the Wen Wu Center in El Cerrito. They teach Qi Gong, and have some wonderful healers. Prof. Hui Liu, the master, is semi-retired now, but they might be able to help you. She studied extensively with a Qi gong master in China who lived to be 106. gwyneth
Chi Nei Tsang is a deep stomach massage that is part of Chi Gong. There is a clinic in Berkeley, CA. They can be contacted at Chi Nei Tsang Institute 2812 Telegraph Ave Berklely, CA 94705 510-848-9558 cnt [at] chineitsang.com

Qi Gong for Immune Disorder?

March 2003

I am hoping someone can recommend a Qi Gong/Chi Gung instructor or class. I've just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Graves Disease, and it served as a wakeup call to do something to bolster my immune system, relieve stress, and achieve better balance. I thought perhaps Qigong, no matter how you spell it, might be something to explore. I'd appreciate any recommendations on Qi Gong specifically, but if you feel moved to recommend other practices, I'm open! I'm not looking for a miracle cure - just a way to live with Graves in a healthier balance. -Hyper Mom-

The Wen Wu School of Internal Martial Arts in El Cerrito (Central & San Pablo) teaches Dayan Qi Gung, a form well-suited to strengthening the immune system and dealing with other health issues. In addition, they have an active (and intense!) teacher- training program, and many of their graduates now host classes in satellite locations around the East Bay. Their phone number is 510-524-1057 and they also have a website: http://www.wenwuschool.com/default.htm Jane
I highly recommend Vicki Dello Joio as a QiGong teacher. She runs the Way of Joy Center in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland where she offers a variety of beginning and advanced classes. Vicki has studied and taught QiGong for 20 years, and has a movement/martial arts background as well. She is a wonderful teacher and healer, with a reputation for being creative, inspiring, gentle and wise. She can be reached at 654-3762. Janet
Hi -- My mom (who also happens to have an immune disorder) does Qi Gong at the Berkeley Buddhist temple on McKinley and Bancroft. The teacher's name is Julie Russell--526-6442. Also, her acupuncturist, Charlene (I don't know her last name), is teaching Qi Gong at the Richmond Adult School. I hope this helps. Amanda
I went through some bad medical stuff a number of years ago that had an immune component. I started meditating, over an hour a day, not because I thought it would help my situation but because I was scared to death, and needed to get ahold of myself. I used books by Steven Levine, who teaches meditation to people with chronic illnesses. Anyway, I'm vastly better now, and there's no question that meditation made a huge difference for me physically. Since then I've taken classes in meditation and Kum Nye (sort of like yoga but much more relaxing) at the Nyngma Institute -- I think that's misspelled -- which is a few blocks from the northeast corner of campus. There are numerous places for meditation instruction in Berkeley. I imagine any meditative practice will help. If you're having strong emotional responses to what's happening in your life (who wouldn't?), I strongly recommend Steven Levine's book ''Healing into Life and Death.'' Kate
April 1999

This is to recommend my wonderful qigong teacher, Weegi Patrick, 524-4403. Qigong is a powerful Chinese practice (related to Tai Chi) of easy flowing movement and meditation that raises energy levels, improves muscle tone and flexibility, and opens us to spirit. Weegi offers classes and great healing massage in Kensington and North Oakland. She also offers private lessons and workplace or group demonstrations or lessons. MS