Polynesian Dance Classes

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Hula Lessons for birthday party

Jan. 2004

Does anyone know of a hula instructor for children who would be interested in offering a class to a small group of 6-7 year old girls within the context of a birthday party? I am aware of the keiki hula classes posted previously on the BPN site, but none of these places are willing to offer a class at a private home. The party/class would be at our house. many thanks! mother of a hula afficianado

You can try Kathleen Hogan who teaches several dance classes, called ''Little Feet,'' for kids ages 3 to 7 around the East Bay. Kathleen is well-versed in a wide range of dances, and I'd recommend her for your party if she's available. I recommend her classes too! I really don't know if she does one-time gigs, but it would be worth asking. She can be reached at 510-526-2349 Burr

I know a great hula teacher for kids-- my daugher absolutely adores her, she's a truly gifted teacher! Her name is Sue Hartnett and she was born and grew up in Hawaii. She plays the ukelele and guitar, and teaches creative movement and hulu. She might just be perfect for your party! I checked in with her, she's definitely interested and has taught at a lot of birthday parties. To reach her by email: hartnett AT peoplepc.com

Laurie Smith has YEARS of experience as a hula dancer and children's hula teacher. She does hula birthday parties regularly. Give her a call at (925) 798-0529.

Hula lessons for 8-year-old

September 2003

Both of my daughters (8 yrs.old) are interested in taking Hula lessons. Teacher or studio in Berkeley or Oakland would be fine. Thank you very much for any information! Grace

There is a ''keiki'' childrens polynesian dance class taught at:

          Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance       729 Heinz Ave         Berkeley, CA          510/845-2605 

Mahea will also be offering a limited session introduction to Hula and a separate introduction to Tahitian beginning later this month. I do not know if there is a preferred age for the introduction vs the keiki class. For more details, see: http://mahea.com

The YWCA on Bancroft also offers a hula class.

You can also look at: http://pw1.netcom.com/~halkop/halau.html for a more extensive listing of formal hula schools.

The Berkeley Adult School offers hula lessons, although I think you have to be 18 to join the classes. The tuition is quite reasonable ($37 for 7 classes). perhaps the instructor would know of classes for kids. Anita

Hawaiian or Polynesian Dance class for children

January 2003

Does anyone know of a Hawaiian or Polynesian Dance class for children in or near Berkeley? Eleanor

Lakeridge Athletic Club offers Hula/Polynesian dance classes for kids and adults. The sessions are 30 minutes and I think a 4 week session is under $50. I am not sure what the story is for non-members, but call them and ask for Peggy. 510.222.2500. Shahana

It may be too far for you, but there's a dance studio in San Leandro that teaches Hawaiiian/Tahitian dance to kids. I think they start as young as 2 or 3. It's Dina Star Dancers, and the phone number is 483-9450. Gigi

A couple of years ago I checked out Mahea Uchiyama's International Dance Center (Heinz in Berkeley) tel. 845-2605. Unfortunately, the schedule didn't work with our's at the time. She starts Hawaiian/Polynesian with children at age 7 or older. Tracy

Polynesian dance for a 4-year-old

June 2002

Does anyone know of a reputable, reasonable dance studio for Polynesian dance for a 4 year old girl in the east bay. Tanara

I recommend that you contact Mahea (Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance). I'm not sure if she is currently teaching a beginning kid class, but she may have one in the future or know of one. For more details: http://www.mahea.com Mahea's school is doing a repertory concert this weekend at Julia Morgan, if you want a better idea of what her school does. Regards, Michele